Evie Web Wrapped

Art by paulm131

Image and more at WordPress link

After @paulm131 saw the recent #QBTuesday #07 by @ArtofVenus

He was inspired to see Evie a little more wrapped up.

He did this awesome manipulation of the image, and both Venus and I thought it was worth sharing!

Thanks very much, @paulm131, we’re flattered you were so inspired by our collaboration!

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Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!

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“Don’t Leave Meeeeee!!” – QB Tuesday #07

Artwork by ArtOfVenus



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Today’s post is the seventh of a new series, “Quick Bites Tuesday.”

It’s a little something in conjunction with @CallMePlisskin

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As promised, here’s my favorite from last week, by my friend @DaisyPierce2000

“Let’s earn money as substitute teachers, you said! What could go wrong, you said!”

The banter from that comment actually inspired @La-Loud to do a couple follow up images!



This artwork is by my friend and collaborator @ArtofVenus

It also was 1 of 2 images he created for my birthday last week.

The other version is posted on his page.

If you enjoyed, go give ArtOfVenus a look on his DA page or other links, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at Patreon and/or SubscribeStar.

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Art by Alucard’s Spirit, Art of Venus, La-Loud

Hey Kinksters,

Your birthday wishes overwhelmed me with gratitude and happiness yesterday!

You are all so good to me and made me feel so special…thank you!!!

I wanted to share just a few of the great images from yesterday.

I’ll share more later, too.

I’m only giving little thumbnails for now because I’m going to have mini-vignettes for some of them, but here are the links to my awesome friends who did the images above.


Katie and Glob:    by AlucardsSpirit and you can see the full image here: Happy Birthday Katie

Evie in the Spider’s Lair:   by ArtofVenus   (gotta do a vignette for this one!)

Loud and Katie Day Away:    by La-Loud   (gotta do a vignette for this one, too!)

Plus, I got an awesomely hot story from my friend Rebelcommander6 that goes with an existing image…not sure I can share the whole story, but perhaps a snippet or two with the image later this week.


I’ll share more, keep an eye out!

And don’t forget tomorrow is #QBTuesday – another saucy caption challenge tomorrow.

Thank you again, you awesome kinksters

Elle’s Discovery, pt4

artwork by MenchiMenagerie

See the full story and image at the WordPress link!

Part 4 of 4 of the latest collaboration between @MenchiMenagerie and me.

This follows on from Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3


Almost immediately after Laressa released Elle from her captivity in the cavern, Elle returned to work with a renewed enthusiasm. As Director of Research and Development at the Codex Cryptae labs, she had been supervising several experiments with Laressa’s special silk.

Once she understood Laressa’s production secrets, her mind began spinning with ideas for new applications – for both the material and the creatures who produced it. She’d already made some exciting progress in her latest research, and was eager to share it with Laressa.

Laressa took a seat across from Elle in her office. “I trust that my little helpers are behaving themselves? And that you are learning much from them with your experiments?”

“Absolutely,” Elle replied with a grin. “I would like to think they are learning as much from the trials as I am. Their skills and decision-making seem to be improving rapidly.”

“Excellent!” Laressa tented her fingers and sat back. “The ones I assigned to help with your experiments are juveniles. I was hoping you’d be able to assist in their development.”

“Using juvenile spiders added an interesting facet to testing,” Elle replied. “They performed well, but they lacked initiative and seemed disinterested in the experiments themselves.”

“I’ve witnessed that myself,” Laressa agreed. They have no patience for tedious work.”

“Ahh, but then I had an idea: I gave them the opportunity to hunt and compete, and…well, now not only are they energetic and industrious, they are also quite…enthusiastic about the experiments.” Elle winked. “They’ve actually been going non-stop for several hours now.”

“Oh? What exactly do you have them doing?” Laressa asked, her curiosity piqued.

Elle’s grin widened. “Well, do you remember challenging me to choose some consequences for Evie that would be meaningful and lasting, and relevant to the distress she led me into?”

Now it was Laressa’s turn to smile broadly. “I vaguely remember giving you that advice…in between making you cum repeatedly. While you faced your own consequences.”

Elle blushed and shifted in her seat. “Yes.  Well…um…I think you’ll find that your ‘helpers’ are having a rather fun time teaching our naughty blonde ranger a few lessons.”

Laressa sat forward in her seat. “I think I should like to see for myself how they are faring.”

“I thought you might.” Elle picked up her clipboard and gestured toward the door to the Cryptae Laboratories. “Right this way, Mistress Silverspun.”


“I’ve set up repeating cycles of catch and release,” Elle commented as they walked the halls. “Or, more precisely, intercept, restrain, immobilize, submission…and release.” 

Elle gestured toward a window providing a wide view of an enclosed testing lab. “They appear to be practicing the ‘restrain’ stage again at the moment – and doing quite well!”

Laressa saw Evie on the floor of the room, ensnared in silk by three of Laressas’s arachnids. She was vigorously resisting them and struggling – unsuccessfully – to get back to her feet.

Two of them were pulling her legs in opposite directions to keep her off balance. Another had her arm pinned to her side and was pulling her backside down to the floor.

“Ahh, yes, do you see how they are working together to rob the test subject of her leverage?” Elle asked. “Once they have her prone, her immobilization and submission is inevitable.”

“I do see that,” Laressa said with a smile. “I also see that your ‘test subject’ is nearly naked?”

“Heh! Yes, her pretty blue dress and bra only lasted the first couple ‘intercept’ and ‘restrain’ cycles. Probably good she wore panties today…for once. Shame about the dress, though.”

“I’ll gladly make her another,” Laressa chuckled. “I  hope my helpers aren’t being…inappropriate. They’ve not met many human women.”

“I will say they seem to be curious, and gaining an appreciation for wrapping female curves very tightly. Very, very tightly,” Elle murmured. “But no, they have not been inappropriate.”

Laressa watched silently for a while, fascinated, as the one behind Evie held her body down to the floor while the other two brought her legs together. One of them proceeded to sheathe her legs in silk while the other assisted in snaring her free arm and pinning it to her torso like her other arm was. The two spiders then worked together encasing her chest and abdomen.

“You can see their cooperation,” Elle pointed out. “The first few times they each tried to capture her on their own, and she was able to evade them for quite a while. They eventually got her of course, but it took a lot of extra effort – for all of them.”

“After a while they realized they could work together,” she continued. “They’re demonstrating very good teamwork now. Their time from intercept to restraint is now down to less than three minutes, with immobilization in six, and total submission in ten or less.”

“Impressive! And after submission?” Laressa inquired.

“Once Evie taps out, a couple of my assistants go in and free her, they collect all the silk from the room, and then they start over again. Been going for…” Elle checked her watch. “About nine hours now. I keep offering them a break but they just want to keep going.”

Theywant to keep going? The spiders, or Evie?”

“Oh, the spiders, of course. Evie doesn’t deserve a break yet.”

“And how many cycles of capture and submission?”

Elle consulted her clipboard. “This would be…number 22.”

Laressa chuckled. “Well, I’m quite impressed. And I’m delighted to see that you’re letting Evie know that there are consequences for challenging you. As I said, you’ll be a formidable dominant mistress in your own right someday.” She nodded toward the curvy blonde rapidly disappearing into a cocoon of silk. “You certainly have a talent for distressing that one.”

Elle beamed with pride. Then she pointed to the room beyond the glass. “It looks like our test subject is about ready to tap out and submit. My assistants will need a few minutes to free Evie and clear the silk. Are there any special instructions you’d like to give your arachnid friends before we start the next cycle?”

~~~the end??~~~

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The Silken Trap, pt.2

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie dangles herself as bait for a mysterious predator and finds herself dangling in Laressa’s grip

Long before Evie ever called Laressa ‘Mistress,’ they had a more adversarial relationship…that of hunter and prey. But just who was the hunter, and who was the prey?

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie.

Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

See the full image and read Part 1 and Part 2 of ‘The Silken Trap.’

Here’s an excerpt:

Laressa watched with amusement while I struggled to raise myself up to my knees.  With my arms wrapped tightly to my sides, it took several pushes with my bound wrists to get my hip below me enough to sit up.  It took two more failures before I could tuck my legs underneath and balance on my knees.  Finally, with my hair hanging in my eyes, I was able to look up at her.

“Very good,” Laressa said.  “I know that wasn’t easy, but you showed determination.  Now let’s see about you making amends, yes?”  She got up from the chair and squatted in front of me, looking at me closely.  With a delicate touch of her fingers she drew my hair back from my face.

“Thank you, Mistress,” was all I said.  I felt happy to have earned her approval for my effort.

“To prove obedience, we must first address disobedience, yes?”  She traced her fingers down the side of my face, along my jawline to my chin.  Then she reversed her hand and let her fingernails glide across my exposed neck back below my ear, and down again to my collarbone.  

“Yes, Mistress.”  I thrilled at her touch.  I was tempted to lean into her hand, seeking more.  Her touch was so sensual, I was not yet thinking about what ‘addressing disobedience’ might mean.


See Part 1 of ‘The Silken Trap.’

See Part 2 of ‘The Silken Trap.’

Rewarding the Bold

artwork by menchimenagerie

Mistress Laressa amuses herself with Millie and Evie after their night out in Laressa’s new dresses

See the full story (and saucy artwork) by MenchiMenagerie here!

This story is part of a birthday surprise for my friend and artist Menchi. I commissioned the image above for him and then wrote the story as his present.

Millie is the character of The Jaded Entity, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie, the artist of the work above.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie is quite content by Mistress Laressa’s side. See the sexy and explicit version!

Evie is happy to be by Laressa’s side…so happy, that Laressa can show her off to other prospective clients…anonymously, of course…

My good friend MenchiMenagerie was kind and generous enough to include Evie in his stream image today, and it inspired me to add a little vignette to go with it. See the sexy and explicit version on either of our pages!

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie, the artist of the work above.Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Menchi has his own page on my site here: MenchiMenagerie.


Mrs. Willingsley, a refined and elegant wealthy lady of Greytrade, and a prospective client of Laressa’s, was vacillating.  

“I’m just not sure, Laressa.  I’m not sure what to expect, and so I’m unsure I’m ready for something like this.”

“I understand,” Laressa replied.  “My services are not to be sought out capriciously.  And I understand it may be difficult to take my word alone.  But I would be taking risks by taking you on as a client, and I expect you to take some risks as well.”

“If only I could perhaps speak with another of your clients, perhaps obtain a testimonial or reference from them…”

“That would be quite inappropriate,” Laressa snapped.  “The privacy and confidentiality of my 

clients are of utmost importance.”  She softened her tone then.  “However, I may be able to show you an example of some who are quite satisfied…”

“I would appreciate that, yes,” Mrs. Willingsley nodded, with obvious relief.

Laressa led her across the sitting room to a door leading to one of her many private chambers.  The room was very dark but a faint rustling could be heard within.

“Wait here a moment, please, and I will light a lamp.”

Mrs. Willingsely trembled with unease to be left in the near darkness, but then her breath caught in her throat as the lights came up in the room.

Laressa was standing beside a naked blonde woman on her knees, blindfolded and bound tightly with what appeared to be fine silk.  The silk was attached about her throat as well, and a long strand flowed up to where Laressa held it in her hand.  Behind Laressa, the outline of two other women were visible as they wriggled and dangled completely encased in silk.

“If you are willing to trust me, Mrs. Willingsley, you might enjoy my attentions as much as these lovelies do.”


For more Evie and Laressa fun, see Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt.

A Private Affair

Stories in the Candlelight, pt. 1

Stories in the Candlelight, pt. 2

The Silken Trap, pt. 1

Coming Soon: The Silken Trap, pt. 2

The Silken Trap, pt.1

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie dangles herself as bait for a mysterious predator and finds herself dangling in Laressa’s grip

Long before Evie ever called Laressa ‘Mistress,’ they had a more adversarial relationship…that of hunter and prey. But just who was the hunter, and who was the prey?

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie.

See the full image and read Part 1 of ‘The Silken Trap.’

Here’s an excerpt:

I had to admit that I was a little surprised at my quarry’s first touch.  I was prepared for an attack, a strike meant to incapacitate or shock me.  But the first touch was light and sensual, and sudden…I didn’t realize the predator was even there yet–there were no footsteps, no movement from the mouth of the alley, nor from deeper within.

That first disconcerting touch was followed by a warm body pressing against my back and firmly pinning me to the wall.  The form leaning into mine felt incredibly strong yet pleasantly soft.  

Then came the hot breath on my shoulder and a sweet heady scent, followed by the soft sensual voice of a woman.  “Such a darling little fly, I will have so much fun with you.”  

The voice was at once seductive and inviting, yet condescending and taunting all at once.  It was the tone of a predator confident that their prey was already defeated and helpless.

I was tempted to spring my trap right then, but instinct and training both told me to wait, draw her in a little more.  There was far too much unknown here…how she was able to approach me unnoticed…why she was so strong…and her intriguingly seductive manner.


See Part 1 of ‘The Silken Trap.’