Aurora Rush: Synthetic Seductresses

Aurora Rush cover artwork by CallMePlissken

Aurora Rush is captured while investigating the pleasure-droid factory–and a most unusual interrogation follows!

Full image and excerpt at This Aurora Rush cover was the work of my friend CallMePlissken for Fannda Flames–an author who writes what are affectionately known as ‘trashy novels.’ Fannda has a small but loyal following and is a favorite of Alynnya Slatefire and her friends. Watch my site for more works by Fannda coming soon…and enjoy the excerpt below!


Excerpt from Mission 17:  Synthetic Seductresses

“Welcome to Synthetica Prime, Miss Rush.  We are delighted to catch you trespassing.”

The silent sexy silvery sentries snagged my shackled wrists and secured them to cables stretching me taut.  Their womanly curves and feminine faces didn’t match their ruthless rough manhandling, and it was pretty hot to be marched about and manipulated like a mannequin.  

“What kind of prison cell is this?”  I asked the unseen speaker.  “And what’s going on, are you going to interrogate me?”  I hoped I sounded defiant instead of just turned on by that thought.

“No, Miss Rush.  You are in our research and testing laboratory.  Your arrival has offered us the opportunity to study your kind and determine your optimal method of seduction and pleasure.”


See the full image and read more from Fannda’s book on my site here: Aurora Rush: Synthetic Seductresses

And see Aurora’s other adventure here: Aurora Rush: Taken by Tentacles

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