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artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie is quite content by Mistress Laressa’s side. See the sexy and explicit version!

Evie is happy to be by Laressa’s side…so happy, that Laressa can show her off to other prospective clients…anonymously, of course…

My good friend MenchiMenagerie was kind and generous enough to include Evie in his stream image today, and it inspired me to add a little vignette to go with it. See the sexy and explicit version on either of our pages!

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie, the artist of the work above.Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Menchi has his own page on my site here: MenchiMenagerie.


Mrs. Willingsley, a refined and elegant wealthy lady of Greytrade, and a prospective client of Laressa’s, was vacillating.  

“I’m just not sure, Laressa.  I’m not sure what to expect, and so I’m unsure I’m ready for something like this.”

“I understand,” Laressa replied.  “My services are not to be sought out capriciously.  And I understand it may be difficult to take my word alone.  But I would be taking risks by taking you on as a client, and I expect you to take some risks as well.”

“If only I could perhaps speak with another of your clients, perhaps obtain a testimonial or reference from them…”

“That would be quite inappropriate,” Laressa snapped.  “The privacy and confidentiality of my 

clients are of utmost importance.”  She softened her tone then.  “However, I may be able to show you an example of some who are quite satisfied…”

“I would appreciate that, yes,” Mrs. Willingsley nodded, with obvious relief.

Laressa led her across the sitting room to a door leading to one of her many private chambers.  The room was very dark but a faint rustling could be heard within.

“Wait here a moment, please, and I will light a lamp.”

Mrs. Willingsely trembled with unease to be left in the near darkness, but then her breath caught in her throat as the lights came up in the room.

Laressa was standing beside a naked blonde woman on her knees, blindfolded and bound tightly with what appeared to be fine silk.  The silk was attached about her throat as well, and a long strand flowed up to where Laressa held it in her hand.  Behind Laressa, the outline of two other women were visible as they wriggled and dangled completely encased in silk.

“If you are willing to trust me, Mrs. Willingsley, you might enjoy my attentions as much as these lovelies do.”


For more Evie and Laressa fun, see Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt.

A Private Affair

Stories in the Candlelight, pt. 1

Stories in the Candlelight, pt. 2

The Silken Trap, pt. 1

Coming Soon: The Silken Trap, pt. 2

The Silken Trap, pt.1

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie dangles herself as bait for a mysterious predator and finds herself dangling in Laressa’s grip

Long before Evie ever called Laressa ‘Mistress,’ they had a more adversarial relationship…that of hunter and prey. But just who was the hunter, and who was the prey?

Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie.

See the full image and read Part 1 of ‘The Silken Trap.’

Here’s an excerpt:

I had to admit that I was a little surprised at my quarry’s first touch.  I was prepared for an attack, a strike meant to incapacitate or shock me.  But the first touch was light and sensual, and sudden…I didn’t realize the predator was even there yet–there were no footsteps, no movement from the mouth of the alley, nor from deeper within.

That first disconcerting touch was followed by a warm body pressing against my back and firmly pinning me to the wall.  The form leaning into mine felt incredibly strong yet pleasantly soft.  

Then came the hot breath on my shoulder and a sweet heady scent, followed by the soft sensual voice of a woman.  “Such a darling little fly, I will have so much fun with you.”  

The voice was at once seductive and inviting, yet condescending and taunting all at once.  It was the tone of a predator confident that their prey was already defeated and helpless.

I was tempted to spring my trap right then, but instinct and training both told me to wait, draw her in a little more.  There was far too much unknown here…how she was able to approach me unnoticed…why she was so strong…and her intriguingly seductive manner.


See Part 1 of ‘The Silken Trap.’

Stories in the Candlelight pt.2

artwork by menchimenagerie

Laressa drops in on Evie and Millie’s evening with a reminder and warning for Evie

Millie is the character of The Jaded Entity and Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie and appear with their permission.

Recently I commissioned my good friend and artist/author Menchi for a two-part tale of an encounter between Evie and The Jaded Entity’s Millie–an evening during which his character Laressa ‘drops in.’

See Part 1 of ‘Stories in the Candlelight.’

See Part 2 of ‘Stories in the Candlelight.’

Here’s an excerpt:

I had to bite my lip to stifle a moan as the fingertips traced ever so slowly between my thighs, tantalizing as they moved further under my dress.  The touch was delicate but deliberate, leaving no doubt that its owner was in control–that I was under their control.

My mind told me that the touch was familiar, that I knew who this was behind me.  The whispers had stopped, and my head was clearing as I realized my chin was no longer in their grip.

Instead, those fingertips were tracing down my neck, over my collarbone, and down my chest.  They deftly slipped under the fabric of my dress and traced across my upper breast.  They danced teasingly around, brushing close enough to my areolas to make my nipples respond, without making any satisfying connection.


See Part 1 of ‘Stories in the Candlelight.’

See Part 2 of ‘Stories in the Candlelight.’

Stories in the Candlelight pt.1

artwork by menchimenagerie

Evie prepares for an intimate evening with Millie, but someone is watching…

Millie is the character of The Jaded Entity and Laressa is the character of MenchiMenagerie and appear with their permission.

Recently I commissioned my good friend and artist/author Menchi for a two-part tale of an encounter between Evie and The Jaded Entity’s Millie–an evening during which his character Laressa ‘drops in.’

See Part 1 of ‘Stories in the Candlelight.’

Here’s an excerpt:

By candlelight in the bedroom, I was taking my time with Millie, making her feel just a little more helpless with each added restraint.  I was cautious, not wanting to get ahead of myself, taking care to avoid binding her in too strenuous a position or overwhelm her too quickly.

I listened closely to the delightful little gasps and squeaks as I cinched ankles, knees, wrists and elbows together.  At each stage, I encouraged her to wriggle and test her ropes to make sure they felt satisfyingly snug without pinching or pulling.

I may have also encouraged her to wriggle because she looked so delicious doing it.  It was taking all my willpower not to pull off all her clothes and indulge my own desires.  That would be a mistake; she had put a lot of faith in me, putting herself in my hands, and I didn’t want to betray that trust.

Instead, I simply tugged her top down over her shoulders and uncovered just enough of her breasts and back to make her feel a little vulnerable and exposed.  I did the same with the hem of her skirt, exposing her pert little bottom (and suppressing my urge to smack or pinch it!).

“How does that feel, sweetie?” I asked softly, hesitant to disturb the quiet tension in the room.

Millie gave some more test wriggles, rolling to one side, and tucking her knees to her chest.  “It feels really good, Evie.  I wouldn’t mind being a little more restrained…I want to feel like I really can’t move or escape.”


See Part 1 of ‘Stories in the Candlelight.’

Turnabout is Fair(Fore?)Play

story by KatieD in response to Wyland. Read his tale first HERE.

Back in January my good friend and fellow writer Wyland scribed a little tale about his characters Prim and Tia ambushing my Evie and having a little fun/taking a few liberties with her in A Friendly Meeting Tale.

Evie, of course could not let that go unaddressed. She did decide to bide her time and dish out her ‘turnabout’ cold…(and not at all because I got busy and couldn’t finish the story in a timely manner).

Whatever the reasons…enjoy Evie’s ‘Turnabout is Fair(Fore?)Play.’

BUT BE SURE TO READ WYLAND’S TALE HERE FIRST…not only is it important to have ‘PART 1‘ context first, but it’s a quick fun and sexy romp with (blatant teaser) Evie dressed up and treated like their girl-pony, “Honeydew Sparkles.”

Evie’s response includes more descriptions of the events of Part 1, then details Evie’s attempt at giving Prim and Tia their comeuppance. Of course no one can ever really ‘get ahead’ with Prim…

Turnabout is Fair(Fore?)Play