Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 4

Artwork and visual design elements by Alucard’s Spirit

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Agent Katie envisions herself as Glob’s next object of interest.


Agent Katie of S.P.A.N.K. is back, and on an exciting new mission!

See the full image and read chapter 4 HERE

Here’s an excerpt:


I looked over at Glob incredulously.  “You…you ate her?”

He shrugged.  “Well, yes…but to be fair, she asked me to.”

I stared back at the screen.  In the video, Glob was pushing the girl’s rounded bottom and shapely thighs into his mouth.  I would see her writhing a little in his grip, but not from a panicked resistance–she was moving slowly, sinuously, as if she were enjoying it.

“It…it looks like she is enjoying it,” I mumbled to Glob while unable to look away from the screen.

“Oh yes, she enjoyed it very much.  I daresay she had another orgasm on the way down…and probably a couple more afterward.”  Now only her lower calves and feet were still showing, and she was fluttering her toes and flexing her bound ankles while his tongue caressed them again.

“And you…you ate her,” I repeated, still not quite comprehending.  “She’s gone.”

“Wellllll…she’s not really gone,” he said with a curious look on his face.  “She’ll always be a special part of me.”  He paused and looked down at me.  “And you could be, too.”

“Me?  Oh no no no no…” I said, recoiling slightly from him.  “I’m not letting you eat me…I mean…not like…NO!  You’re NOT eating me!”  I glared at him like he was insane.

Glob shrugged again, as if nonplussed by my rejection.  “Your loss, as far as I’m concerned.”


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