Spring Collection

crop of artwork by MenchiMenagerie, full story and image here:

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Miss Laressa Silverspun enlists her two favorite ‘flies’ to serve as living mannequins for the unveiling of her Spring Collection!

here’s a teaser snippet:


The debut of spring collections is an important event for any fashion designer.  It’s their opportunity to showcase the newest styles of their collection and draw attention to their work.

For a Haute Couture seamstress like Laressa Silverspun, her Spring Collection is her time to shine.  Warming temperatures call for light, wispy and flowing fabrics—which are Laressa’s specialty.  

But while ordinarily designers rely on casual spring florals and pastels to anchor their spring collections, Laressa chooses to focus on the elegant.  She is one of the few who dares to show off jewel tones in her high-end fashions, in preparation for Prom and ‘Bridesmaid Dress’ season.

Even ‘Mistress’ Laressa’s fashion shows are special.  She doesn’t rely on lifeless mannequins to show off her exquisite designs—quite the opposite.  Laressa prefers to enlist the help of her favorite sexy little ‘flies’ to serve as living mannequins.

Her dearest cuties are actually eager to participate.  For an evening’s work tightly ensconced in the finest of silk wrapping, they get to keep the gorgeous dresses that were, quite literally, made specially for them—crafted directly onto their bodies while they did their best to remain still.  

Plus, they are always invited to an intimate ‘after-party’ in Laressa’s private chambers.

Do their delightful wriggles and soft mewing help show off the dresses and get Laressa’s customers in the mood to buy?  They must—why else would ‘Mistress’ Laressa lovingly stroke and tease them all evening long?


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Laressa is the OC of MenchiMenagerie.

Evie and Elle are my OCs.

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Evie: Dark Beast

Crop of artwork by ArtOfVenus, full story and two images here:

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Evie’s latest adventure takes her deep into the rainforest, where she (of course) finds some peril and ends up the ‘offering’ to a dark beast!

here’s a teaser snippet:


A dark shape was moving through the rainforest, silhouetted in the early morning light.  As it came a little closer, the figure took on the shape of a large ape lumbering between the trees, casting low brush aside.  Then it kept getting closer.  And bigger.  It wasn’t just a large ape.  It was a great freaking big-ass ape!

The shamanka took a step forward.  “Oh great dark beast,” she intoned, arms raised above her head dramatically.  “We offer you this virgin…”

“Umm….” I began to interrupt, but my words were lost among the wave of snickering that rolled through the villagers.  “HUSH!”  she snarled, giving them a withering glare before continuing.  “We offer you this golden-haired beauty…”

The rest of her words were lost to me as the great ape approached, just over my right shoulder.  He was massive, towering over me, each of his arms longer than my entire body.  I was paralyzed, helpless and vulnerable, mesmerized by the gleam of his eyes and the cloud of hot breath coming from his enormous mouth.  He really needed some of that spearmint, too.


The saucy and sexy full story and two images including a nude variant can be read here for free:  Evie: Dark Beast

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Wrap Battle

crop of artwork by MenchiMenagerie, full story and image here:

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This story is a gift for my good friend The Jaded Entity, with deep gratitude, with artwork by friend and artist Menchi.

here’s a teaser snippet:

Millie looked at Evie suspiciously.  “Why do I feel as if I just wandered into an elaborate trap?”

“Trap?  Whatever do you mean?”  Evie asked with a mischievous grin.  She paused before cocking one eyebrow, and asking:  “That wasn’t really a ‘no,’ was it?”

“No…I mean, yes…I mean…grrrr!  Ok!”  Millie took a deep breath.  Evie was irrepressible when she got like this.  “What kind of game do you have in mind?”

Evie grinned triumphantly.  This was working out well.  “Have you ever heard of a wrap battle?”

Mille gave Evie a questioning look.  “You mean, like when people yell poems at each other?”

Evie giggled.  “No, like a gift-wrap battle.”  She held up two large rolls of ribbon, one blue and one red.  “We try to wrap each other up until one of us can’t continue.  Then the winner gets to do anything they want to the loser until they can escape.  Or…”  Evie nodded toward the strap-covered leather jacket.  “If they can’t escape, they submit to going into the Cinch-Jacket.”

“This doesn’t sound very fair…” Millie said quietly.  “You’re stronger, and you’re a trained fighter.  I can’t out-wrestle you.  I’ll never be able to tie you up first.”

“Tell you what,” Evie said, standing up and holding out the spool of blue ribbon for Millie to take.  “You can use one spell of your choosing, and that’s how we’ll start the game.”

Millie thought for a moment, chewing her lip.  Suddenly she brightened up.  “Ok, deal!”  She hopped to her feet and took the ribbon from Evie.  She moved a few steps back and raised one hand toward Evie.  “Vestimentum Evanescet!”

Abruptly, the clothing from both women disappeared.


The saucy and sexy full story and image can be read here for free:  Wrap Battle

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Millie is the character of The Jaded Entity, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Menchi has his own page on my site here: MenchiMenagerie.