‘Little Thief’ Lisbeth

Crop of Artwork by Saurian-Shade, story and uncensored image at WordPress link.

Full uncensored image and story here!

Wow, it’s been waaaay too long since we’ve heard from Lisbeth!

Special thanks to my collab partner @Saurian-Shade for his patience!

See my WordPress site for the full uncensored version:  katied.life/


The chain was yanked taut again, jerking the thick iron collar at my neck and tugging me forward. “Keep movin’, lil’ thief,” the heavy-set dark-skinned orc snarled.

“I would, if your bruv here wasn’t hanging onto my tit!” I retorted. The green-skinned orc wasn’t just squeezing my entire breast; his other hand palmed my head, forcing me to look up at him.

“Shut yer mouth while ya can, girl,” the leader growled back. “It gonna be stretched wide th’ rest of th’ night.” He grinned and grabbed his engorged cock just in case I didn’t catch his meaning.

“Yeah, all night,” a third orc said from behind me. “Yer gunna be a busy lil’ fuck-toy, lil’ thief.”

“Sure, you’re all reaaal brave with three of you beasts against one tied up girl,” I snorted. “I dare any of you to untie me and take me on in a fair fight, you cucco-shit ogre-fuckers!”

“We could…” the dark-skinned leader mused. “But we don’ want to damage that fine body of yers. ‘Least not before we get th’ chance t’ enjoy it for a while.”

I grimaced. I really screwed up this time. I was fucked, but not as fucked as I was going to be.


When you’re as skilled a thief as me, everythingseems easy. Which is dangerous, because having it easy leads to being complacent.

I discovered the village’s offerings to the orcs by accident. I saw villagers carrying food, wine, and medicine into the ruins of a temple – monthly bribes to keep the orcs from raiding.

The next month, I hid out and waited. As soon as the villagers left, I helped myself. The food was mediocre; the wine was awful. The medicine, however, was valuable. I happily took it all.

It was such an easy take that the next month I helped myself again. It did occur to me that the orcs might be a little upset to not get their bribes, but that was the villagers’ problem, not mine.

Regrettably I ‘went to the well’ one too many times. The villagers doubled back and found me half-drunk and gorging myself on the orcs’ food. They seized me, stripped me, and bound my wrists, then chained me to the altar with an iron collar, to be an additional offering for the orcs!

If the orcs were disappointed to find me lying among the remnants of their food and wine, they didn’t show it. They instead seemed amused and quite excited. They tore my collar’s anchor from the altar and used the chain to drag me down the stone steps and out into the sunshine.

Along with a gratuitous amount of groping and taunting, of course. They were eager to humiliate and take revenge upon the ‘lil’ thief’ who had stolen their bribes. And likely even more eager to take a fair-skinned naked curvy blonde back to their camp as a new slave girl.


Arrival in their camp caused a stir as activity paused and orcs stepped forward to watch us pass. The dark-skinned leader wrapped my chain around his fist to draw me closer and the other two took defensive positions on our flanks. We kept to the camp’s perimeter, toward some tents.

“Ain’t ya gonna present ‘er to th’ chief?” one of the two asked.

“Tomorrow. He’ll make us share ‘er. Tonight she’s jus’ ours. Let’s get ‘er to my tent.”

Once inside, they attached my chain to a ring set in the center pole. I could still be pulled to each corner of the small tent, though. They left me alone for a few moments while they stowed their gear, then the leader settled on the pile of pelts that served as a bed with a weary sigh.

“C’mere, girl,” he said, spreading his legs apart while motioning to me.

I gulped as I saw his large member already at half-mast again. I took a tentative step forward.

“No.” he said flatly. He pointed to the floor between his knees. “Crawl.”

‘Typical,’ I muttered under my breath. ‘I get the one orc who doesn’t want to just bend me over something and go at it.’ I glared at him as I sank to my knees and shuffled forward. I’d obey, but wanted him to know I wasn’t happy about it.

My defiance must have amused him, because he smirked while I approached. I broke eye contact to look at the beastly cock before me. ‘Goddess help me, how am I ever going to manage this?’ I wondered. I sighed and resigned myself to just doing the best I could.

I twisted my wrists in the rough coils of rope so that my palms faced inward and I could use my hands and fingers to grasp the thick shaft and run my thumbs over the moist tip.

It wasn’t my first monster cock, and it likely wouldn’t be my last. I did what I’d done before – use only my tongue as long as possible, avoid getting the nasty thing in my mouth, try not to retch.

It worked for a while and I almost thought I’d get away with it, until he got impatient and I felt a massive hand cup the back of my head. After that he was in control and I was along for the ride.

‘Along for the ride’ pretty much described the rest of the evening. After the leader shot his thick musky load into my throat, he pointed at another, who grabbed my chain and dragged me over.

I dutifully serviced him while the third orc groped my breasts and ran thick fingers between my legs. After the second orc came into my mouth, the two of them simply picked me up and spun me around so I could put my oral skills to work on the third.

By the time I finished off the last orc, while the other toyed with me, my body was giving in to the carnal decadence. I was panting heavily and my skin was flushed. I told myself I couldn’t help my body’s reactions while they had total control of me. None of this was my choice – right?

That’s why when they returned me to their leader, I was ready and eager to be fucked. They lifted me up, each with one hand around my upper arm and one hand under my thighs, and carried me over to him. The leader grasped my hips and guided me onto his massive cock.

We both were surprised how easily he cleaved inside me and slid me down his thick shaft. I gasped when his tip first pushed its way in, and let out a long moan while he delved deep. When he hilted inside, my eyelids fluttered with eyes rolled back. My mouth stayed open in a silent cry.

He gripped me with his huge strong hands and effortlessly shifted me about again. The sight of his long dark fingers pressing into my creamy flesh sent thrills through me. I craved being touched; I brought my bound wrists up to caress and pinch my own nipples and breasts.

The first time I came, I hid it as best I could. I stifled my cries and suppressed the trembling of my body. I don’t think I fooled them. I barely tried to hide the second. By the time the third hit, I was loudly reveling in my body-shaking climax. 

The leader took his time cumming, enjoying me as long as he could. But once he was done, he immediately motioned for the other two to pull me off him and take me for themselves. 

One placed his hands under my rear, lifted me up, and mounted me upon him. I slipped my arms over his head and rested my bound wrists on the back of his neck while he thrust into me.

The third must have decided he didn’t want to wait his turn, for suddenly I felt him prodding at my other, tighter opening. “Nnnn-nooo,” I pleaded softly, but it was already too late. He pushed his way inside and I found myself mounted on two large orcs at once.

Soon after, they lifted and turned me around so they could trade sides. Before long I found myself on their leader again; all of them used my mouth, pussy and ass to satisfy their desires.

I was delirious with carnal pleasures; I lost track of which orc was which or whose turn was next. Again and again they picked me up, tossed me around, and took turns with me as they wished.

Even the chain to my collar rattled and shook noisily in time with my own loud throes of passion.


Hours later I emerged from a haze of passion and lust to find my body and limbs entwined with three snoring orcs. My hair was a tangled matted mess that hid half of my face and my skin was coated with blotches and streaks of evidence of the debauchery of the night before.

Before they passed out the orcs must have figured the collar and chain would be enough, and released my wrists from the ropes. They must have forgotten I was a skilled thief. There were several different items within reach that I could have chosen to pick the locks that held me.

Dawn was just breaking over the quiet encampment as I slipped out of the tent and away into the cover of the nearby woods. It would be a long and nervous naked journey back to the temple, where I hoped to find my clothes and gear.

Back at the temple, I looked at the altar where I’d been chained. It still held scraps of meat and bread and stains of wine. A month from now, it would once again be heaped with food and drink.

The villagers and orcs would never think that I’d be brave – or reckless – enough to return. They didn’t know me. They didn’t know that I was often both!

And what if I got caught again?

Well, I’ve had worse Saturday nights.


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