New Years Eve in Frog City pg6

Artwork by ArtOfVenus

Kara and Evie spend a magical New Years’ Eve together in Frog City.

What could possibly go wrong with that??


Evie and Kara approached the giant blue frog-man slowly. He was lounging in his chair, arms up on the back and  legs splayed wide, watching more girls dancing on the stage.

His distended belly rested on his upper thighs and rose to his chest. It rose and fell with his breathing, and occasionally wiggled on its own. His belly wasn’t the main thing that caught the girls’ eyes though. His long, thin cock bobbed between his legs at half mast. 

The blue frog’s eyes lit up when he saw Evie and Kara approaching. 

“Girls, girls!” he called out enthusiastically. “Thought you was trying to run away from ol’ Marv. Ya didn’t finish your dances!”  

“Uhh…no…we weren’t running away…” Kara stammered nervously.

“We just wanted to put these costumes on!” Evie offered.

“Heh heh…hope you didn’t think you could leave ol’ Marv before he got his hands on ya!” he continued, waving them closer. “Now come give Marv a kiss!”

The girls cautiously moved to either side of him. Marv extended his long slender arms and pulled them in close. With one hand he stroked Kara’s long blonde hair. He wrapped his other hand around Evie, his fingers landing across her breast.

The girls eyed him warily. They couldn’t help but notice his cock was rising and swelling while he ogled them happily. And his belly seemed to be making odd noises. The girls tried not to think about seeing him devour one of the other waitresses.

“Oh, you two are quite the pair! You’re lucky ol’ Marv claimed ya first. Every frog in here wantsta have little humie girls like you. But I gots ya first.”

Evie and Kara glanced around. He was right – many of the other patrons were checking them out. They all seemed to have hungry looks on their faces. But when Marv made eye contact, the other frog-men quickly looked away.

“Ya see, I’m kinda a big deal.” Marv kept rambling on, oblivious to the girls’ discomfort. “I’m the Alpha Frog around here. You don’t wanna end up with any of these other losers.”

“Yes…yes, we sure are lucky,” Evie cooed.

“And lookit ya!” he exclaimed, giving Evie a squeeze before turning to Kara. “Yer about the tastiest lookin’ humie girls I’ve ever seen. Yep, bigwigs like me gots ta have the best.”

“Oh…well…thank you?” Kara murmured sarcastically. Evie shot her a look.

“So, you girls ain’t from the city, are ya?” he asked.

“No…we’re just visiting…” Evie began.

“Yeah, we have Safe Visitor passes!” Kara cut in.

Marv snorted. “Safe passes, you say…hmmm. Never thought much of that idea. But the manager tells me you’re in a spot of trouble.” Marv tugged the girls just a little closer.
“You know, I like helping a damsel in distress…and now I gots two damsels needin’ me!”


Hope you’re enjoying another fun Kar-Vie collaboration with @ArtofVenus !

And yeah, yeah, I know it’s well past NYE, but if you’d had a January like my January, you’d understand.

If you’re a Patron of Venus, you can find the first few images on his Patreon already.

If you enjoyed, go give ArtOfVenus a look on his DA page or other links, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at Patreon and/or SubscribeStar.

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