Evie and Friends

artwork by ArtOfVenus

I’m fortunate to be able to do collaborations with many different artists. Many of my favorites revolve around my beloved Evie and her adventures with her friends.

Evie was originally designed in partnership with CallMePlissken. She’s also been often drawn beautifully by my good friend and collaborator MenchiMenagerie.

More recently, my very skilled artist friend ArtOfVenus created a 3D model of Evie. The banner above was the first piece I saw that included her. This image inspired a great story (link below) and launched the beginning of many more collaborations to come!

Below are some of my short stories and vignettes that include Evie and her friends. Enjoy! And if you like the art, PLEASE check out the artists’ sites at the links on their names.

Check out my work at the links below or over there on the right —>

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