Never Trust a Witch in Hot-Pants

artwork by callmeplisskin

Aly meets a new friend, Jessie…and then Jessie introduces Aly to more of her ‘friends.’

It had all begun innocently enough, as crazy situations like these often do for me.

I’d been hanging out at the Devil’s Due with some friends when she caught my eye. Actually she caught me eyeing her.  Even in an uninhibited place like the DD she stood out.

I think it was her tall leather boots that grabbed my attention first.  But as my gaze wandered up her fishnet-covered legs and noticed how she filled out her snug leather short pants and corset, the view kept getting better and better.

When my eyes finally made it up to her pretty face framed by burgundy bob-cut hair, I finally realized she was watching me, with eyes that held a hint of light violet.  

Embarrassed to be caught ogling, I flushed bright red and bit my lip.  She responded with a playful wink and a big smile.  The brief eye contact was enough for her to stride over and say she would like to join me and buy me a drink.  

It wasn’t really a request, more of a statement.   Who am I to decline a declaration of intent from a sexy-as-hell woman in hot-pants?  Not stupid, that’s who I am. 

‘Jessie’ was her name, she said.  She was cheery and playful in her banter with me, but in her sexy husky voice, everything she said was laced with innuendo and sensuality.

There was something about her confident tone, her broad smile, and the way the violet gleam in her eyes caught the low light.  There was also something about the way she filled out her corset and those hot-pants.

We chatted over our drinks, but truthfully she did most of the talking while I hung on her every word.  Her eyes were bewitching, mesmerizing, and I knew I was falling under her spell.  I also knew I didn’t care. 

After a time, she told me she wanted to introduce me to some friends of hers.  Again, it wasn’t an invitation, more of a direction.  And again, I had no desire to say no.

So that brings me to my current situation–you know, the one that began innocently enough?  It was far from innocent any more.  

I was currently tightly tied with criss-crossing ropes to the outside of a bridge railing.  I did have to give her a lot of credit, not only was her ropework excellent and sexy, but as I hung above the water, I barely felt the strain of the ropes.

Of course, I was also distracted by a slow roiling under the water…I’d been suspended over water enough times to know what that meant…something would be coming from the water soon…coming for me!

“Jessie…I don’t understand?  Why?  Are you trying to feed me to some evil creatures or offer me as tribute to them?”

Jessie looked down at me from her perch on the bridge above.  She twirled a free lock of my hair between her fingers (the rest of my hair was diabolically knotted around a rail of the bridge).

“Oh, no, Aly…like I said, I just want to introduce you to my friends.  They will want to have as much fun with you as I am having.  Speaking of them, I should probably summon them now.”

“Uhh..Jessie?”  I was staring in mild alarm at the water suddenly roiling faster than before.  “Are your friends…uhh…friendly?”

“Of course, Aly!  We all want to get to know you more…intimately.”  

‘No surprise there,’ I thought. ‘Why was every living thing I encountered so eager to know me intimately?’

“Oh, and by the way, Jessie is my nickname…my full name is Jezebel.”

“Jezebel?  Isn’t that like a name for a witch or demoness or something?”

“Mmmm-Hmmm….”  She sounded preoccupied. 

I looked up at her.  She was dangling an amulet above me, above the water, and it was glowing with a violet light.  What was slightly more disconcerting was that her eyes were glowing violet, too!

When Jessie’s friends began breaking the surface, at first I thought they were simply tentacles—tentacles were becoming a regular occurrence, it seemed.  Not that I was really complaining. 

Her friends, however, proved to be something much more unique than that.  “Eels,” Jessie explained from above me, as if reading my mind. Which she probably was.  Which meant she knew I was more intrigued than afraid. 

“Like many creatures, Pentacle Eels have evolved to fulfill their purpose more effectively.”  Judging by their five grasping finger-like appendages surrounding a mouth with a long and dexterous-looking tongue, I could imagine they were very good at their job.  

I could very clearly imagine their purpose.  I shuddered. Even the length of their bodies below their bulbous heads were covered with suggestive bulges and ridges. 

The closest one rose up directly below me.  It ‘looked’ at me inquisitively, dancing around before me, its fingers grasping at the air. Without warning, it shot forward, tucking ‘fingers’ between my breasts and snatching at the thin stretchy fabric of my camisole top. 

With a furious tug, it ripped the front of my brand new top to shreds, leaving the remnants hanging from the spaghetti straps. I gasped as I was suddenly exposed before the creature. I saw a few others turn and notice—and begin curling closer. 

‘Dammit!  Another shirt gone!’  I had just bought this sexy cami top for going out tonight.  So typical!  I really needed to start buying my tops in bulk. 

Just as I was beginning to feel thankful my new panties were still intact, I felt more ‘fingers’ slipping inside the slim elastic band.  Another tug, and they were gone as well—but not before causing a deep rubbing between my legs. 

I snapped my knees shut and pressed my thighs together as eels began wrapping themselves around my lower legs.  “Jessie!”  I cried. “Help!  I think your friends are trying to get between my legs!”  

“Oh, Aly, of course I will help!  Hang on!  I can control them with the amulet.”  Her eyes glowed violet again, and then so did the amulet. The creatures stopped and turned to pay attention to her. 

Jessie produced a few more coils of rope.  “Friends!  Aly needs your help keeping her legs apart—raise her knees up where I can reach them, won’t you?”

And that’s why you never trust a sexy witch in hot-pants!

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