All Hands on Deck!

A new Alynnya Slatefire mini-story by KatieD can be found here:

Alynnya makes another voyage with the sexy pirate Captain Catherine, and as usual pays for her passage by submitting to the captain’s whims–including being used to ‘reward’ Catherine’s crew.

Background: In issue 09 of @CallMePlissken’s The Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire, Aly stows aboard a pirate ship captained by the incredible Captain Catherine–and is, of course, captured and pressed into servitude by the captain. Since then, Alynnya has sailed with the captain twice more as her submissive pet, in issue 11, and in a epic painting completed this week, ‘All Hands On Deck’.

This is a short 3-pager I worked on based on his painting. This version of my story doesn’t add much to the events already implied in the painting itself, it’s merely my interpretation of the scene, and really doesn’t do the amazing artwork justice!

And disclaimer, it’s not an official collaboration or accompanying piece, it’s just my interpretation.

But hey, hope you enjoy this new story, All Hands on Deck!

And go check out the epic painting of ‘All Hands On Deck’. If I can post an image here, I will.

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