Evie and the Murderous Hornets

A new Evie story by KatieD

This is an excerpt; the entire story is here:

NOTE: the other day, the topic of ‘murder hornets’ came up in chat. I had a vision of huge hornets carrying away damsels for nefarious purposes. I wasn’t sure I could make that into a fun or sexy story, but I decided to give it a try. I hope you enjoy the result.

The next time Evie stirred, she was much more careful about revealing that she was awake.  This time, she found herself in a much more familiar position:  she hung from her wrists pinned directly above her head, her ankles were secured together below her.  And, as happened all too often when she awoke like this, she was completely naked.

As occasionally also happened when she awoke like this, she noticed that her skin was coated in a viscous liquid that was dripping down her body.  This time, though, the thick liquid was gold in color and quite aromatic.  Against her better judgment, she tasted a little of what was drizzled over her lips.  

Sweet…aromatic…like nectar…or…oh fork!!

Honey.  It was honey.  Her entire body was covered in sticky, sweet honey.  Or the nectar that would become honey, anyway. 

Fork, this was not good…coated in nectar might be fun if she was alone with her partner Will…but not with murderous hornets!

the entire story is here:

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