All Hands on Deck!

‘All Hands on Deck’ artwork by callmeplisskin

Alynnya makes another voyage with the sexy pirate Captain Catherine, and as usual pays for her passage by submitting to the captain’s whims–including being used to ‘reward’ Catherine’s crew.

Background: In issue 09 of @CallMePlissken’s The Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire, Aly stows aboard a pirate ship captained by the incredible Captain Catherine–and is, of course captured and pressed into servitude by the captain. Since then, Alynnya has sailed with the captain twice more as her submissive pet, in issue 11, and in this epic painting. From this he launched six more works in the series, some are on his DeviantArt page, some are on his Hentai Foundry, and some are patron exclusives here:[tag]=pirates.

This is a short 3-pager I worked on based on his painting. This version of my story doesn’t add much to the events already implied in the painting itself, it’s merely my interpretation of the scene, and really doesn’t do the amazing artwork justice!


“Aye, ‘at’s the third time yer dropped the crop already, girl.  One might think yer droppin’ it on purpose.”

I hurried to keep up with Captain Catherine’s brisk pace, trying to keep some slack in the chain attached to my collar.  It’s harder than you’d think to crawl on hands and knees across a ship’s deck.  Especially when crossing the wet sea-sprayed parts of the main deck.

The truth was, I had dropped the crop on purpose.  It earned me another stinging red mark on my rear, and one on each breast, but they were a welcome momentary distraction from the leering eyes and crude words of her crew.  Any other day of the week, their captain would insist they treat me–her personal property–with dignity and respect.  But it was Saturday.

Saturdays were different.

Saturdays were the day that Captain Catherine rewarded her crew for a hard week’s work.  And this week, I was the reward.  Again.

We were on our third circuit of the ship on our journey to the pillory, and the queue was getting longer each time.  Perhaps the captain was trying to give her men time to get all hands on deck.  Or perhaps she really enjoyed parading me before her men.  Naked.  On a leash.

My captain took every opportunity to show me off.  Not just to her crew, but to the dockhands, the moneylenders, even other captains.  Especially other captains.  Having an ‘unbreakable’ Rithian Ranger under her complete control, keeping me always naked and treating me as her pet, demanding absolute obedience from me?  That demonstrated a brazen confidence that had raised Catherine’s standing among all the captains in the realm.

She also knew one of my secrets:  that being humiliated had the strange effect of arousing me.  So what better way to light sparks within me than to encourage her men to taunt and provoke me on my way to being locked in the pillory, to make me look into the eyes of each and every man who would soon be enjoying my body?  To see the hunger in their eyes and hear the vulgar insults from their lips?

Until now, I’d kept my focus on the gorgeous woman holding my leash.  I watched her move with confidence through her crew, in complete command of me and everyone around her.  Her graceful movement was mesmerizing, and I found myself falling in with her gait. 

As beautiful as she was, her lean body and generous curves were even more appealing, and I flushed at the memory of last night spent with my body entwined with hers.  I was utterly smitten with her and I would do anything–anything–to please her.  And to make her proud.

So I’d offered only token resistance when she informed me I’d spend the next few hours rewarding her crew on her behalf.  A pout and a half-hearted, “please don’t make me, Mistress” earned me a few swats of the crop on my rear, a couple on each nipple, and one more between my legs.  She reminded me that those parts of me belonged to her, and if she chose to share them with her crew, it was her decision alone.  

After I regained my composure and wiped a tear from my eye, I nodded and said, “yes, Mistress, as you wish.”  She gave me a proud smile as she clipped the leash to my collar.  We both knew that the sharp discipline was just what I needed to prepare me for the task ahead.

Headed aft along the starboard side of the ship we came along the end of the queue, and the noisy chatter started anew.  Excitement had been building ever since we dropped anchor, and duties had been completed at a frenetic pace.  As soon as Captain Catherine had led me naked from her quarters, word spread quickly through the crew and they began to assemble on deck. 

On each circuit of the ship, she led me through the crowd, giving her men a good look at my hips rolling and my breasts swinging below me, a preview of what they could soon enjoy.  The buildup wasn’t just for my benefit, she was stirring her crew into a frenzy as well.  The wilder the debauchery that followed, the more satisfied and loyal her crew would be.

And, she knew, the more satisfied I would be.  Butterflies of anticipation filled my tummy as we worked our way up the line toward the pillory near the stern.  I found myself glancing at the faces we passed, faces that hadn’t been this animated since last Saturday.  Faces of men with lust and decadence on their minds.

I also found myself remembering the qualities and preferences of each man.  The one who would slap my ass while he was thrusting into me.  The one who would grip my hair while I serviced him with my mouth.  The huge muscle-bound man whose huge cock would stretch me to my limits.  Each memory gave me more of a thrill, and more anticipation for the hours ahead.

When we finally reached the pillory, Captain Catherine stopped to address her crew.  She took the crop from my mouth and beckoned me to turn and face her men.  I took only a quick glance at them before I pushed myself up to my knees and sat back on my heels, knees apart, palms facing up on my thighs.  I bowed my head but couldn’t keep a smile from crossing my lips.

“T’day, we anchor off Skullstone islands.  Yer’s done well an’ deserve yer reward. T’night we lie at peace, but t’morrow we again be on guard.  Other ships ’ill arrive fer th’ Council of Pirates.  So rather’n wait fer th’ dark o’ night, I offer yer all an afternoon o’ delight.”

She waited a moment for the cheers of her men to calm before she silenced them with the slightest raise of her hand.  “Mr. Thrag, will yer please do th’ honors an’ lock me girl in th’ pill’ry?”

“Aye, Cap’n.  T’would be me pleasure.”

In the past, Mr. Thrag would have seized me by the arms and lifted my rear into place on the crossbar, then forced my head and neck into place.  Now, he simply lifted the top half of the frame and patiently waited for me to submit myself.  

“Miss perky-nips,” he said with a broad grin.  “Mighty nice t’ have ye ‘round, again.”  I didn’t have to follow his eyes downward to know my nipples were perky.  Again.

“Mr. Thrag, good to be ‘round again.  Is that a new gold tooth?”  I gave him a sweet smile and placed my hand on the crossbar to help myself to my feet.  

I surveyed the ‘seat’ that would support my weight when my legs gave out.  Until then, I had the choice to stay on my toes above it, or to lower myself onto its ‘features’– well-placed pegs and knurled rope on its top.  

Of course, once the crew started taking me from behind, I wouldn’t have much choice…their thrusts would press me down onto the crossbar.  The ribbed surface of the oiled rope and the rounded wooden pegs would compete for my attention with the cocks of the crew in my mouth and between my legs.  

I hovered over the bar on my toes while I placed my neck and wrists in the cutouts of the stocks.  I welcomed the intoxicating feeling of helplessness and vulnerability as the top half of the frame closed down upon me.  I shuddered in eagerness as I heard the metal hasp slap into place, followed by the click of the padlock.

I knew that from this point on, very little of what happened to me would be my choice.  I wasn’t getting out of the pillory until someone unlocked it, and that wouldn’t happen until every crew member had enjoyed their fill of me.  I belonged to the crew until then, because my captain wanted it that way.  

At the moment, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Captain Catherine moved alongside me and traced the flat side of her fingernails slowly down my spine, over my rear, and slid them through the dampness between my thighs.  She knew she would feel my arousal there, and I gave her the soft gasp I knew she was waiting for.

She addressed me in a raised voice intended for the men to hear:  “Is yer ready t’ make me proud, girl, an’ pleasure all of me crew?”  Then, in a softer voice to me, she whispered, “I know yer is, me love, an’ that yer will.”

I responded loudly, also for the crew to hear.  “Yes, Mistress!  Yes, I want to pleasure your crew!”

“Won’erful!  Now, Mr. Lockwood, I sees yer once again got yerself in line early…would yer like t’ take th’ honors?”

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