Spring Collection

crop of artwork by MenchiMenagerie, full story and image here:

See the full story and uncropped saucy artwork by MenchiMenagerie at the WordPress link or here!

Miss Laressa Silverspun enlists her two favorite ‘flies’ to serve as living mannequins for the unveiling of her Spring Collection!

here’s a teaser snippet:


The debut of spring collections is an important event for any fashion designer.  It’s their opportunity to showcase the newest styles of their collection and draw attention to their work.

For a Haute Couture seamstress like Laressa Silverspun, her Spring Collection is her time to shine.  Warming temperatures call for light, wispy and flowing fabrics—which are Laressa’s specialty.  

But while ordinarily designers rely on casual spring florals and pastels to anchor their spring collections, Laressa chooses to focus on the elegant.  She is one of the few who dares to show off jewel tones in her high-end fashions, in preparation for Prom and ‘Bridesmaid Dress’ season.

Even ‘Mistress’ Laressa’s fashion shows are special.  She doesn’t rely on lifeless mannequins to show off her exquisite designs—quite the opposite.  Laressa prefers to enlist the help of her favorite sexy little ‘flies’ to serve as living mannequins.

Her dearest cuties are actually eager to participate.  For an evening’s work tightly ensconced in the finest of silk wrapping, they get to keep the gorgeous dresses that were, quite literally, made specially for them—crafted directly onto their bodies while they did their best to remain still.  

Plus, they are always invited to an intimate ‘after-party’ in Laressa’s private chambers.

Do their delightful wriggles and soft mewing help show off the dresses and get Laressa’s customers in the mood to buy?  They must—why else would ‘Mistress’ Laressa lovingly stroke and tease them all evening long?


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Laressa is the OC of MenchiMenagerie.

Evie and Elle are my OCs.

See the full story and uncropped saucy artwork by MenchiMenagerie here!

All Hands on Deck!

A new Alynnya Slatefire mini-story by KatieD can be found here:

Alynnya makes another voyage with the sexy pirate Captain Catherine, and as usual pays for her passage by submitting to the captain’s whims–including being used to ‘reward’ Catherine’s crew.

Background: In issue 09 of @CallMePlissken’s The Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire, Aly stows aboard a pirate ship captained by the incredible Captain Catherine–and is, of course, captured and pressed into servitude by the captain. Since then, Alynnya has sailed with the captain twice more as her submissive pet, in issue 11, and in a epic painting completed this week, ‘All Hands On Deck’.

This is a short 3-pager I worked on based on his painting. This version of my story doesn’t add much to the events already implied in the painting itself, it’s merely my interpretation of the scene, and really doesn’t do the amazing artwork justice!

And disclaimer, it’s not an official collaboration or accompanying piece, it’s just my interpretation.

But hey, hope you enjoy this new story, All Hands on Deck!

And go check out the epic painting of ‘All Hands On Deck’. If I can post an image here, I will.