Evie: A Wintry Ambush p40

Artwork by ArtOfVenus, vignette below!

UNCENSORED page 40 and vignette at the WordPress link

Evie scouts the northern woods for a troublesome ogre. But there are other creatures besides ogres lurking in the forest!


I was at an impasse with the snotling leader and his helper.  They couldn’t force me to open up my mouth, and I couldn’t turn or twist my head away.

That was when I felt those bony hands tracing back up my inner thighs…felt sharp fingernails tracing across my lower abdomen, felt thin fingers  in the crease between hips and thighs.

Once again they had me wriggling and struggling, trying to keep my thighs pressed together, now even more exposed and defenseless than before.  

“Nnnn!  Nnnnh!” I murmured as fingers groped between my legs.  I cringed when a knuckle nudged between my folds and plunged inside me.  Despite the nastiness of the creepy little creatures pawing at me, my body was reacting to their carnal touches.

The ever-increasing sensations were beginning to distract me from my efforts to keep my jaw clenched tight.  Especially when the snotlings leaned in and pinned my thighs down with their forearms. 

Then a fingernail brushed against my clit.  I gasped suddenly, and momentarily lost my focus.


This is page 40 of a full Evie story in collaboration with ArtOfVenus.

If you enjoyed, go give ArtOfVenus a look on his DA page or other links, and he’s worthy of your subscription budget at Patreon and/or SubscribeStar.

And watch for more with Evie soon!


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