Close Encounters of the Amphibian Kind, pt. 8

Crop of artwork by Alucard’s Spirit

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Agent Katie is taken into custody by mysterious men in black.

Agent Katie of S.P.A.N.K. is back, and on an exciting new mission!

See the full image and read part 8 HERE or at the WordPress Link.

Here’s an excerpt:


Director Alucard led the way to his office, with Agent Katie walking just behind and to one side of him deferentially.  Two guards trailed along behind them, enjoying the bounce of Agent Katie’s skirt while she hobbled along wearing only one shoe.

Just as the group got back to the administrative wing, they were stopped by two men in black suits blocking their path.

“Director Alucard,” offered one, flashing a badge.  “I’m Agent Smyth.  This is Agent Smythe.  We’re here to interview Agent Katie.  We will be taking her back to the containment wing.”

“No.” said the Director flatly.  “She’s my responsibility, I will handle her interview.”

“Oooh, ‘fraid we can’t allow that,” he replied in a condescending tone. “She’s coming with us.”

Director Alucard squared his shoulders.  “NO.  She’s my agent, and you can’t have her.”

“Easy now.”  The other man in black held up his hands, palms out, in a patronizing manner.  “Director Alucard, your loyalty and protection of your team is admirable, and I respect that.”  His tone was anything but respectful.  “However, you well know that we have jurisdiction in all matters of alien contact. Your agent has had more than incidental contact with an alien criminal.”

“Trust us, Director,” assured the first.  “We will handle your agent with dignity and respect, and she’ll be returned to you in good condition.  But we are taking her with us.”

Agent Katie stood there, feeling alone and small, while the three men discussed who she belonged to as if she wasn’t even there.  She wasn’t looking forward to facing Director Alucard’s ‘interview’ or whatever consequences he had planned for her.  But at least he was familiar, and seemed to care about her.  

The two men in black were frightening to her.  Their agency was shrouded in mystery.  And they had a reputation for being ruthless and above the law.  Agent Katie didn’t like how they were discussing her—and she didn’t like the implications of being returned ‘in good condition.’

Agent Katie could see the resigned look on Director Alucard’s face even before he nodded silently and stepped aside.  He definitely wasn’t happy about being outranked and overruled.  “I’m sorry, Agent Katie, but they’re correct…you will need to go with them for now.”  

He then turned to Smyth and spoke in a calm firm tone.  “Two hours.  I want her back here, unharmed and with all her memories intact, in two hours.”

“We’ll do our best,” Smyth replied.  The two men in black stepped forward and stood imposingly in front of her.  “Your wrists, Agent, if you will.  We would appreciate your cooperation.”

Agent Katie held up her hands with her wrists parallel in front of her.  Smythe’s handcuffs clinked as he withdrew them from his pouch, and Agent Katie could hear the familiar ratcheting sound as they closed down around her wrists, the cool metal feeling heavy on her arms.

Smyth gestured with his hand for her to turn and walk back toward the containment wing.  As she turned, he touched her upper arm with his hand as if to guide her.  He then slipped his hand down to her elbow and held it with a light grip.  The other man, Smythe, fell in step on the other side of her and gently grasped her other elbow.

As they led her away, Agent Katie shot a look back over her shoulder.  The two guards were still standing there, staring as if in shock from what had just happened.  Director Alucard, however, had already turned away and was walking toward his office with a deliberate stride.

Suddenly, Agent Katie felt very vulnerable and very alone.  And as she was taken away into the unknown by two strange men, she was more than a little worried about what might lie ahead.


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