Evie: Mesmerized

Artwork by Katsiika

Full story and working GIF at the WordPress link; excerpt below.

Something a little different and new from me!

I’d never seen the work of the artist, Katsiika, before, and I am really enjoying it.

Enjoy the wonderful image (GIF) and the excerpt below–be sure to click on the WordPress link to read the full saucy and naughty story!

I’d heard that snakes, such as cobras, could be hypnotized into becoming motionless.  My seductive gaze, which worked so well at bending men to my suggestions, followed similar techniques as hypnosis:  soften one’s gaze, speak softly and slowly, smile slyly, and…well, I can’t reveal all of my tricks!

I lowered my chin and looked up at the snake through my eyelashes and the few stray hairs that had fallen over my face.  I matched the tone and pace of his speech.  “It hass been a pleasssure already, to make your acquaintance, Kelerixsss…but I musst be going…perhapss another time, another placssse…”

The snake’s eyes twinkled and flickered in a way I’d not seen in anyone upon whom I’d used my seductive gaze before…’it must be working,’ I thought—I was hypnotizing the snake!

“You mussst be going…going…with me…” Kelerix replied.  

“I mussst be going…with you?”  I responded.  

I meant it as a question but it came out as more of a statement.  At least I was getting the snake to listen to me and follow my lead.  And I loved that flicker in his eyes, surely it meant he was becoming mesmerized by me!  I shook my head to focus again on my words, not his.

“I’m sorry…I mussst be going now…you cannot come with me…” I said, softly but insistently.

“You mussst be going…with me..” he repeated.  “With me…you mussst be cumming…”

“Yessss…”  I could tell my persuasion was working on him, because he was so amiable.  One more time repeating the words should do it.  “I mussst be cumming…with you…” I intoned.

‘Wait…did I say that right?  Gosh, he has beautiful eyes!’

“Yesss, sssensual human…” Kelerix continued.  “Let us go…and cummm…”

“Go…yessss…and cummm…” I replied, nodding.  I was so excited that my skills were able to persuade him to be so agreeable and give me what I wanted.  Wait until Elle heard about this!

Kelerix’s tail wound itself the rest of the way around my body, then around again, and lifted me up until I was standing in the stream bed.  Then he began leading me to one side of the stream.  I noticed it was the side opposite my gear, and so I said, “oh, I forgot my clothes!”

“You have no need of your clothess, sssensual human.”  He showed me that twinkle in his eyes again to go along with his broad grin.  Wait…was he winking at me?  Was he flirting with me??

“Yesss,” I agreed, grinning happily.  “No clothesss.”


If you enjoyed, go give Katsiika a look on her DA page.

And be sure to read the full saucy and naughty story here:

And thank you again, Rebelcommander6!


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