Callie’s Diary, pt. 2

Brimstone County #02 artwork by callmeplisskin

Callie Sierra’s boss, sleazy saloon owner Shane McIan, sends her off with vampire gunslinger Deytun Night

note: It’s the 2nd part of Callie’s diary entries related to the scene above…a week has gone by since Callie went off with Deytun Night at Shane McIan’s command. During the ensuing nights of fitful sleep, her dreams have helped her remember what else happened that night…or at least most of it, anyway…

The artwork is the second in a new series from CallMePlissken, set in the Weird West setting of Brimstone County. Innocent saloon girl Callie Sierra has been a very popular new character with multiple appearances.


Dear Diary,

Several days have passed and my nights are filled with decadent dreams of what happened when Mr. Night got me back to his home.  I wake up in a flushed and flustered state, and the only thing that will help me settle is to…well, you know the answer to that, dearest Diary–as you have witnessed my selfish and solitary acts.

The benefit of these dreams is that I am slowly recalling the events of that night with Mr. Night, so that I may share them with you:

Mr. Night led me deeper into the candlelit home, down a hallway and into a bedroom lit by what must have been a hundred candles.  On the far side of the room, a beautiful woman lounged on a pile of pillows atop a large bed.

Her golden hair glowed in the flickering light and her eyes flashed a mystic blue.  But the most strangest thing was that she was completely naked!  Her fair skin shone in the light and the shadows accented her womanly curves.

Her piercing eyes bore into me, studying me like a cat would study a bird in a cage, you know?

“Deytun, my love, whatever have you brought me back from your travels?” she called out.

“My dearest,” Mr. Night replied, his hand in the small of my back nudging me forward.  “This is young Callie, from Seraphim Falls.”  

“How delightful,” she purred.  “I can feel the heat of her blush from here.”

“Callie, this is my mate, Syn,” he continued.  “You may call her Mistr–Miss Synthia.”

She was the most sensual and alluring thing I’d seen in my whole life, dearest Diary.  I felt tiny and uneasy in her presence.  And my mouth was suddenly too dry to make words.  

“Heh…hell…hello, Miss Synthia…it is a pleasure to meet you.”

“And so polite,” Miss Synthia replied.  “Let’s have a better look at her, Deytun.”

Mr. Night removed my wrist cuffs and stood behind me.  He placed his hands on my shoulders and slid the top of my dress down my arms, then freed my breasts from my corset.  I felt his mouth upon me, nuzzling at my neck behind my ear, before I felt the sharp scratch of his teeth.

Suddenly my body was flushed with hot desire for him.  I wanted to turn to face him and kiss him passionately, but he gripped me tight from behind.  

In a flash, Miss Synthia crossed the room and stood before me.  She removed my corset and slid my dress over my hips.  She and Mr. Night took turns removing pieces of my clothes until all three of us stood there naked.  I say all three, because at some point Mr. Night’s clothes disappeared, too.

Miss Synthia’s hands grasped my hips and pulled my naked body to hers, her mouth finding mine and enveloping it in a feverish kiss.  Meanwhile, Mr. Night held my arms behind me, my hands trapped between my own rear…and his cold and rigid manhood.  My fingertips reached out to try and grasp him and I felt him stiffen when I brushed against the firm shapes below it.

My body was aching to touch them as they were touching me, but I was helplessly pinned between them, completely at their mercy as their hands and mouths roamed my inflamed flesh.  

I felt Miss Synthia’s mouth making her way down my neck, across my collarbone, and onto the flesh of my chest.  Just as I thought she would taste my aching nipple with her tongue, I felt the scratch of her teeth on the bottom of my breast.

Instantly I felt a rush of lust even stronger than before.  My body felt as though it were on fire, and the only relief I desired was to be taken by the both of them, over and over…

Oh, goodness, dearest diary…I seemed to have gotten a bit carried away with my story…and I’m feeling rather flushed again at the moment.  I do believe I’ll have to continue writing to you after a few minutes of…alone time…and perhaps a cold bath…

the end of this diary entry…for now…


There are different stories from Callie’s Diary entries coming soon!

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