Callie’s Diary, pt. 1

Brimstone County #02 artwork by callmeplisskin

Callie Sierra’s boss, sleazy saloon owner Shane McIan, sends her off with vampire gunslinger Deytun Night

note: this is the second in a new series from CallMePlissken, set in the Weird West setting of Brimstone County. Innocent saloon girl Callie Sierra has been a very popular new character with multiple appearances. My friend We Are All Mad Here and I decided to try a little different way of storytelling: through diary entries by Callie herself. Here are her first two:


Dear Diary,

Tonight Mr. McIan told me to hang around the saloon after my shift.  Says he has a client who wants to meet me.  I don’t want to meet any more of his clients or entertain his friends or have him use me to close a deal.

They’re all sleazy and gross and I cannot stand when they put their sweaty hands on me.  Their suggestive words are terrible enough, but their lustful stares tell me more’n I want to know about their intentions.

I don’t wanna anger Mr. McIan.  I can’t lose my job and be out on the street, or be one of those girls who works upstairs to make ends meet.  But I don’t know how much longer I can hold off his advances.   

He says that if I don’t do what he wants, he’ll give me to Madam Rosie an’ she’ll put me to work upstairs.  I dunno if he’s just threatening, but lord knows he’s got the power to do it.

I guess I gotta tap dance around him, keeping him happy and keeping him at arm’s length.  Or least keep his hands off my ass!

Wish me luck, dear Diary.  Rumor has, there’s a bad man passing through town causing trouble.  Please, let him not be the client.  

Until tonight, dear diary…


Dear Diary,

Forgive me for not writing last night after my meeting with Mr. McIan, but I did not make it home until dawn, and woke barely before my next shift was to begin.

As I feared, Mr. McIan’s client was the bad man passing through, a dark soul by the name of Deytun Night.  Some say he’s a creature of the night an’ some say he feeds on warm blood.  

I don’t know about all that, but he was as dark an’ handsome as they come.  Dressed all in black and skin the color of ash, and impossibly dark eyes that made me tremble when they wandered over me.  And his flesh was cold to the touch–I know this, dearest diary, because he tucked his fingers inside my corset when Mr. McIan said he could ‘inspect th’ girl.’

“Go with him just one night, Callie, and I’ll keep Rosie from getting her claws into you for a while,” Mr. McIan told me.  As if it were Madam Rosie threatenin’ my freedom an’ not him.  

Still, a night with a handsome stranger was a small price compared to an eternity upstairs as one of Rosie’s workin’ girls.

“Yes, Mr. McIan,” I told him.  Then I turned to Mr. Night.  “You don’t have to keep me chained, I’ll go with you an’ I won’t try to run away.”

Mr. Night grinned at me.  “The chain ain’t to keep you from runnin, girl.  The chain’s to let all the other creatures know yer off the menu.”

Dearest Diary, I am not sure I yet fully understand or recall all that happened last night…perhaps someday I will be brave enough to tell you of all the decadence…at least that which I remember.


Interested in learning what else happened between Deytun and Callie? Or is it better left to your imagination?

Let me know!


UPDATE: I received some feedback that said ‘tell us more,’ and so I did: Callie’s Diary pt. 2

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