My Vampire Mistress, chapter 8

artwork and original characters by callmeplissken

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My Vampire Mistress is my latest collaboration with my artist-friend callmeplissken, a 35+ page story that includes 4 of his black and white works of art in addition to the full-color cover.

This story builds upon the events in Issue 2 and Issue 3 of his epic comic Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire, where Aly encounters the sultry vampire Valencia (and her dickish vampire husband, Yannos) in her heroic quest to save her sister from a dark mage. In this new story, Aly makes a return visit to Arden Manor and willingly offers herself to Valencia again.

I will be releasing one chapter here every Friday over 10 weeks. For those too impatient to wait to read all the saucy scenes between Mistress Valencia and her ‘Aly-Cat,’ the entire story with bonus art is now available for immediate purchase for only $5 on



My mind flashed back to my first experience with Yannos.  Bound tightly in ropes, bent over a tombstone in a cemetery at night, he had mercilessly had his way with my body for what felt like hours before bringing me back to his home to meet Valencia.  

He had been quite large, and forceful, but in a more blunt and base way than Valencia had made love to me.  If Yannos was to come join us, I would not protest, I thought. But I hated for my alone time with Valencia to end.  

Valencia, though, had no intention of sharing me yet.  She released my wrists and pushed herself back up to her knees, withdrawing the wolf-cock from me.  Again I felt that sense of emptiness, even from the smaller wolf toy. I watched as she removed the toy from her harness and placed it on the floor next to me.  She reached into the drawer once again, and pulled out yet another large toy.  

This one was a more blue-grey color, again thick, with bulges running up and down the shaft, and veiny ridges over the top of them.  It was not quite as large as the dragon but intimidating nonetheless.  

“Do you know what this toy is modeled after?” she asked as she attached it to the harness she still wore.  ‘I could guess,’ I thought, but I remained silent waiting for her to answer.  

“That’s right,” she said.  I was becoming more convinced her vampire powers let her read my mind.  Or maybe after almost 400 years she had become reaaaaaly good at reading her partners’ faces.  

“This is modeled after Yannos.  His exact size and shape. I find it useful for nights when he’s off chasing blondes around cemeteries and such…”  I winced at the dig at my past with him, but I didn’t respond.

“Let’s have you back up on your knees again, dear.  Elbows on the floor, ass in the air. Let’s go!”  

“Yes, Mistress!!”  I hurried to comply.  I rolled to my front, pushing the pillows aside, and got in position as ordered.  

Valencia stepped around behind me, and used her toe to nudge at the insides of my knees.  “Knees wider! You’re going to need to open yourself up for this one, dear.”  

After I shuffled my ankles and knees apart, keeping my rear up in the air, I felt Valencia kneel between my legs.  Then I felt her place both her hands on my rear, and slide them upward to my waist. She spread her fingers out over my hips and gripped them lightly, giving a tug back toward her.

This time, she didn’t bother asking if I was ready.  I felt the head of the Yannos-toy pressing against me, felt the wide rounded tip nudging against me.  I felt her fingers tighten upon my hips, and then the thick blunt head drove its way through and into me.  My entire body rocked forward from the force of it, and my thighs clenched together.

I gasped as Valencia forced the thick mass in.  No gradual widening with this one, the thick rod just bore into me, spreading me wide instantly.  I yelped as it cleaved deep within. I had to press back with my elbows so that I didn’t fall forward.

Valencia paused then, letting my body adjust, and I felt the strain give way to the pleasurable full feeling of it again, just like I had with the dragon.  Once my body settled and relaxed, she began moving again. Slowly at first, and then she began to pick up speed when she sensed that I was handling the Yannos-cock.

The cock modeled after Yannos must have also had an end that pressed back against Valencia when she thrust, because I began to hear sounds of her pleasure behind me.  Her fingers pressed more firmly into the flesh of my hips, tugging me more forcefully against her when she reached the deepest point of her thrusts.  

The more aroused Valencia became, the more animalistic her sounds became.  Instead of gasps and sighs, I heard sharp hisses when our bodies collided with the cock between us.  Her fingernails scratched me as her fingers clutched at my hips. I could imagine her baring her fangs in passion as she hissed again.

The sounds of Valencia’s arousal drove my own arousal higher, and I became more vocal myself with my moans and cries.  I found myself rocking back against her, against the cock cleaving into me, trying to take it in faster and drive the impact deeper into me.  

Now my cries were loud enough to echo in the large room.  The thought occurred to me that if I was too loud, Yannos might hear and come to investigate…I wanted to be Valencia’s alone for as long as possible, but the raging pleasure within me was far too great for me to even hope to remain quiet.

Again sensing my concern, Valencia commanded me: “Take the wolf toy, pet, and suck on it.  I love your delightfully loud cries but I want to hear them muffled by a cock in your mouth, too.”

I eagerly began to lick and suck on the wolf and took it in my mouth, using it to both distract and silence myself at once.  Once again the size difference between the larger Yannos cock and the smaller wolf-cock was apparent, and once again I found myself craving something more.


Alynnya will return in chapter 9 of My Vampire Mistress on Friday, April 17th!

For those too impatient to wait to read all the saucy scenes between Mistress Valencia and her ‘Aly-Cat,’ the entire story including bonus art is now available for immediate purchase for only $5 on

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