My Vampire Mistress, chapter 5

artwork and original characters by callmeplissken

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My Vampire Mistress is my latest collaboration with my artist-friend callmeplissken, a 35+ page story that includes 4 of his black and white works of art in addition to the full-color cover.

This story builds upon the events in Issue 2 and Issue 3 of his epic comic Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire, where Aly encounters the sultry vampire Valencia (and her dickish vampire husband, Yannos) in her heroic quest to save her sister from a dark mage. In this new story, Aly makes a return visit to Arden Manor and willingly offers herself to Valencia again.

I will be releasing one chapter here every Friday over 10 weeks. For those too impatient to wait 5 more weeks to read all the saucy scenes between Mistress Valencia and her ‘Aly-Cat,’ the entire story is now available for immediate purchase for only $5 on



When I revived moments later, I discovered that Valencia had clipped my wrist-cuffs together in front of me.  She had also changed her clothing; she was now wearing only a corset, her heels, and a harness with the wolf-cock shaped present I had brought her already attached.

“Ahh!  There you are, my little pet,” she said.  “Come with me, my Aly-Cat. We have much more playtime ahead of us.”  She still wore a smile, but her tone and demeanor had changed to something a little more forceful and dominant.  I got both a thrill and chill at the same time.

She grasped the metal clip that held my wrist cuffs together and pulled me up to a sitting position, then reached for my leash again.  She motioned me down to the floor as she gave it a little tug. She kept the pressure on until I moved off the couch, then eased up as I got down on my hands and knees on the floor before her again.

Valencia led me in the direction of her bed, walking just ahead of and beside me.  I looked up at her expectantly, seeking her smile of approval. The wolf-cock bobbed from side to side as she walked, its size seeming even more daunting against her pale skin.

She stopped at a point on the floor near the end of her bed and pointed to the floor before her.  I stopped where she pointed and waited for her next command. When she saw me staring at the toy mounted in front of her and dangling before me, she grinned.  

“Now then, pet, I seem to remember you saying something about making amends for your demon-wolf crashing through my window and destroying my room?”  She slowly traced her fingertips over the top of the wolf-cock in its harness. I found it hard to keep my eyes off it, and tried to focus on her eyes instead.

“Yes, Mistress.  I take full responsibility for that.  I deserve to be punished, for certain.”  My eyes flashed back to the toy in her harness before me.  I couldn’t help the grin spreading on my face.

Valencia laughed as she tapped the end of the toy.  “Giving you this seems more like a reward than a punishment, my pet.  We may need to start with something a little less rewarding and get you warmed up again?”

I nodded happily again.  “As you wish, Mistress.”  

“Let’s have you get that pretty little rear end of yours in the air.  Elbows down on the floor, rear up.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw her retrieve the paddle with the cat-shaped cutout.

“Yes, Mistress!”  I couldn’t keep the excitement from my voice…she was going to spank me with her gift!  I balanced myself on my elbows and knees and lifted my rear, giving it a little wriggle.

Valencia didn’t hold back.  The first swat across my rear was loud and echoed in the room; I was aware of the sound before I truly felt the impact, then felt the sting on my bottom and the rapid warming of my reddened flesh.  

“Ohhhh!” I cried out.  Then, as the sting of my bottom eased and the warming sensation ebbed through me, I felt another warm flush between my legs.  ‘Oh Holy One,’ I thought…even when I purchased the paddle…I never thought it would be as hot as this!

In one of my Fannda Flames novels, the heroine was receiving a spanking like this, and her instructor was making her count and thank him for each spank.  Valencia wasn’t doing any of that. She simply followed one swat with another, and another, and another. If she was interested in my enjoyment, she wasn’t showing it or asking about it.

“Keep that pretty rear up in the air, my pet.  I want to see little white cat marks all over your red bottom.”  She placed the palm of her hand on my lower back, holding me steady.

While the first few swats were exciting and thrilled me, the next few genuinely hurt, as my rear quickly became tender and hot.  I cried out louder and more sharply after the next few. Tears formed in my eyes and then rolled down my face.  

“Hmmm, pet…is this punishment still as fun as you thought?  Making you hot? I hope you’re not going to beg me to stop, because your delicious cries are turning me on.  Mmmmm-mmmm.”

There was no question this was still so erotic for me; I didn’t want Valencia to stop…but this was so much harder to take than a few swats from an open hand!

“No Mistress…I mean, yes, Mistress.  You…you are still making me hot!” Hearing the words, repeating them back to my Mistress, reinforced their truth for me.

Then something fascinating happened…the pain from the paddling began to fade away.  I was no longer focusing on or anticipating each individual impact. The swats began to blur together, a steady stream of impacts that made my body jolt and sway.  But the sharp stings were ebbing away and I became aware of a new sensation…pleasure…flooding through my body.  

It kept building with each swat of the paddle, each one heightening my arousal more.  Soon I was aware of nothing more than my Mistress’ hand on my back, the heat growing between my legs, and the sounds of moaning that seemed like it was coming from me.  If Valencia continued this, I was going to have an orgasm just from being paddled!

As if she sensed this, Valencia suddenly stopped.  “Oh no, no, pet. We can’t have you climaxing while you’re being punished…what kind of message would that send if I allowed that?”

“Nnnnnnngggghhh!”  I cried out when the sensation abruptly faded.  ‘Nooo!  I had been so close!’ 


Alynnya will return in chapter 6 of My Vampire Mistress on Friday, March 27th–including another bonus image by callmeplissken!

For those too impatient to wait 5 more weeks to read all the saucy scenes between Mistress Valencia and her ‘Aly-Cat,’ the entire story is now available for immediate purchase for only $5 on

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