My Vampire Mistress, chapter 2

artwork and original characters by callmeplissken

Chapter 1 here

My Vampire Mistress is my latest collaboration with my artist-friend callmeplissken, a 35+ page story that includes 4 of his black and white works of art in addition to the full-color cover.

This story builds upon the events in Issue 2 and Issue 3 of his epic comic Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire, where Aly encounters the sultry vampire Valencia (and her dickish vampire husband, Yannos) in her heroic quest to save her sister from a dark mage. In this new story, Aly makes a return visit to Arden Manor and willingly offers herself to Valencia again.

I will be releasing one chapter here every Friday for the next 10 weeks. For those too impatient to wait 10 weeks to read all the saucy scenes between Mistress Valencia and her ‘Aly-Cat,’ For those too impatient to wait 10 weeks to read all the saucy scenes between Mistress Valencia and her ‘Aly-Cat,’ the entire story is now available for immediate purchase on



“Are you shopping for yourself dear, or still looking for a gift for that friend?”  The shopkeeper startled me, appearing suddenly on the other side of a display.

“Umm…for…for a special friend, you could say.”  Despite her kind nature, I was still nervous.

“I see, and would this special friend be a man, or perhaps a woman?”

“Uh…umm…a woman,” I replied softly.  “A more experienced woman, and a…uhh…very dominant one.  In fact, she may already have pretty much everything I could think of.”

“Ahhh, now I really see!”  She led me over to a different display, one that held an astonishing array of some of the strangest looking toys for inserting into someone!  These were nothing like the normal dildos and fake cocks I’d seen before, these were all sorts of funny shapes and textures, and most of them were much larger than any man I’d ever seen.  As I looked them over, I realized some of them were actually moulded into the shapes of beasts and monsters!

Above them was a display that showed one of the insertable toys gripped in a belt that could be worn around the waist.  Now I understood why she told me a dominant woman would like these.

I looked at the shopkeeper and asked, “some women like to have these…beasts…and monsters used on them?”  I was hoping I wasn’t alone in being intrigued by the thought.

The shopkeeper smiled.  “Oh yes, dear…you would be surprised at the fantasies some of my customers enjoy.”

I thought for a moment while looking over the display.  Finally an idea struck me and I asked, “do you have one that is shaped like…a wolf?”

She giggled.  “Oh you are a saucy one, aren’t you, dear?  Yes, right here.” She picked up a bright red one with a pointed tip and small bulges down the shaft.  Growing up in the country, I’d seen dogs mating before, and this one looked somewhat right…just much, much larger.

“Uh…then do I buy the belt, too, or just this piece, or…”

The shopkeeper cut in, “Don’t worry dear, Valencia already has a couple of harnesses.”

“What??” I exclaimed, my voice rising and my eyes widening.  “Valencia? What…what do you mean?”

“Oh, my dear, don’t be alarmed!  I understood why you were here just a few moments after you came in the door.  I couldn’t help but notice the healed bite marks on your neck.” She drew the collar of her blouse aside to show that she had matching ones on her own neck.

“Valencia is one of my best customers; she helps keep me in business…and occasionally I even steer a curious young woman her way.  Of course, since you already know her, I won’t have to worry about steering you.”

Stunned, I couldn’t speak for a moment.  My face felt flushed and I stumbled over my words nervously again.  I pointed at the wolf-cock. “Do you think she would like this one?”

The shopkeeper laughed.  “Oh my, yes! Giving her the cock of one of her immortal enemies?  I think she will find it very edgy…I think she will be impressed.”

I was about to follow her to the counter to make my purchase when something else caught my eye.  It was a thick leather wrapped paddle, with a cutout section in the shape of a cat’s head. Remembering that being Valencia’s ‘Aly-Cat’ was the best part of the fun we had last time, I thought it might be a nice personal memento–something she could keep to remember me.  Assuming I ever left…

The shopkeeper gift-wrapped my purchases, and I turned to go.  Suddenly I stopped myself, and asked: “would you happen to have a restroom where I could freshen up a bit?”

“Of course dear,” she said.  “Right back through the swinging doors there.”

As soon as I had known that I was going to Nosalise, I had packed a few special items in my bag ‘just in case’ I ended up seeing Valencia and Yannos.  One of them was my ‘Aly-Cat’ costume that Valencia had given me to wear during my first visit. It consisted of a skimpy bikini with a harem skirt, a collar and leash, cuffs, cat-ears, and a tail that attached…well, you can imagine how and where the cat tail attached.

If I was going to put myself back in Valencia and Yannos’ hands, I figured I might as well go all-in–so I decided to put the Aly-Cat costume on under my ranger uniform.  But then as I stood there checking myself in the mirror in just my costume, I had another idea. I slipped my boots back on, pulled on my long ranger coat–and put everything else back in my bag!

I bid the shopkeeper thanks and farewell again as I passed the counter and headed for the door.

“Oh!  My dear!” she called out when I was almost to the door.  “Your tail is showing.”

I whirled around and looked, and sure enough, my cat tail was sticking out the back of my coat!  “Oops! Thanks!” I called back, and tucked its end in the waistband of my bikini bottoms. I needed to remember to un-tuck that when I got to the mansion.

Evening was approaching when I left the shop and it was finally time for me to head to Arden Manor.  I didn’t need to worry about finding the way; I felt like I was being pulled there as if I were hiking briskly downhill.  As I climbed the stairs to the manor, I could feel the vampires calling to me.


Alynnya will return in chapter 3 of My Vampire Mistress on Friday, March 6th!

For those too impatient to wait 10 weeks to read all the saucy scenes between Mistress Valencia and her ‘Aly-Cat,’ the entire story is now available for immediate purchase on

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