My Vampire Mistress – new collaboration with @CallMePlissken

artwork and original characters by callmeplisskin

Alynnya makes a return visit to the home of the sultry vampire Valencia and offers herself to her mistress again…

My Vampire Mistress is my latest collaboration with my artist-friend callmeplisskin, a 20+ page story that includes 4 of his black and white works of art in addition to the full-color cover.

Here’s a snippet of what’s to come:

“Alynnya, how delightful to see you again! I had a–feeling–that you were in town!” Valencia’s eyes darted up to the top of my head, where my cat ears popped out of my hair. “Oh! And I see you’ve come ready to play too! I am so pleased–and Yannos will be, too.”

I didn’t say anything at first–just smiled. Then I slipped my coat off my shoulders and stood there in nothing but my costume. I sank to my knees, and then leaned forward onto my hands. I grasped the end of my leash with one hand and held it up above my head toward Valencia.

“It would be my pleasure to serve you again, my mistress.”

Valencia laughed sharply, and suddenly I wondered if I had made a terrible error in judgment.

“My dear, dear Alynnya!” she exclaimed. “I see that you have learned so much since I last saw you! I cannot tell you how delighted I am to see you at my door like this.” She reached down and took my leash from my hand, and gave it a gentle tug.

“Come along dear,” she said, turning and leading me into the house.


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