My Vampire Mistress, chapter 7

artwork and original characters by callmeplissken

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My Vampire Mistress is my latest collaboration with my artist-friend callmeplissken, a 35+ page story that includes 4 of his black and white works of art in addition to the full-color cover.

This story builds upon the events in Issue 2 and Issue 3 of his epic comic Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire, where Aly encounters the sultry vampire Valencia (and her dickish vampire husband, Yannos) in her heroic quest to save her sister from a dark mage. In this new story, Aly makes a return visit to Arden Manor and willingly offers herself to Valencia again.

I will be releasing one chapter here every Friday over 10 weeks. For those too impatient to wait to read all the saucy scenes between Mistress Valencia and her ‘Aly-Cat,’ the entire story with bonus art is now available for immediate purchase for only $5 on



Valencia stood over me watching for a while with a satisfied grin on her face.  I glanced up through eyes lidded with intense pleasure while breathing more rapidly through my open mouth.  Any thought of Raja breathing was gone now, as I was panting heavily and moaning more loudly. Half of the next set of bulges, much larger ones, were gliding in and out of me while I pinched at my nipple and pressed harder on the floor with my feet. Once again I began to lose myself in overwhelming pleasure—just like I had with the paddle.


When I heard the sound above me, I looked up.  Valencia was standing astride my waist now, still holding onto my leash, and leaning forward over me.  My eyes were drawn away from her radiant face by the sight of the red wolf-cock bobbing just before me.

“You’re highly aroused, I can tell, but you’re still going to want to wet this before I put it in you.”

I nodded, again without words, and opened my mouth wide.  I laid out my tongue so Valencia could rest the wolf toy upon it, and then I leaned forward to close my mouth upon it.  It also felt cool to the touch, but much smoother at the tip and slightly more yielding than the bad little dragon still inside me.

I moved my tongue around it while holding it inside my mouth.  After all the panting and moaning, my mouth was dry at first, but my hunger for the firm cock soon got my mouth watering.  I could feel the wolf toy getting wetter and slipperier.

“Well done, my Aly-Cat.  Is my kitty ready to be tamed by the wolf?  To make amends, of course.” Valencia’s look was decidedly more severe and serious than the last time I had peeked at her face.  

“Everything you wish, my Mistress.  I’m yours to use as you desire…to make amends…”

“Such a good kitty,” Valencia said, but in a tone that was anything but soothing.  She took steps backward so that she was standing between my legs, then got to her knees between them.  When she was down closer to my level on the floor, her eyes bore into me with an obvious hunger. A hunger for much more than just another bite of my flesh.

Without breaking eye contact, Valencia reached down and removed my hand from the dragon toy, replacing my hand with her own.  For a moment I feared she would push the toy deeper into me, but instead she slowly withdrew it. I moaned as it left me, my insides suddenly pressing together against nothing.  I looked up at Valencia, the dreamy look on my face giving way to one of sad longing.

I didn’t have to wait long.  Valencia leaned forward and placed her hands on the floor on either side of my waist.  She kept leaning in and gave me a passionate and firm full-mouthed kiss that nudged my head backward and turned my insides to mush.  She kept pushing me backward until my shoulders touched the floor, my back arched over the pillows.  

Valencia took my wrists in her hands one at a time and pressed them back to the floor, placing them beside my shoulders, and holding them there with her weight.  I felt her thighs sliding against the insides of mine, and then I felt the tip of the wolf-cock pressing between them.

She stared down from above me, her dark eyes sparkling with excitement.  “Are you ready, pet?” she asked, and without waiting for an answer, leaned down and gave me another full kiss.  This time I kissed her back, passionately, no longer wanting to be passive to her sensual touch.

I felt the wolf-cock pressing against me more insistently now, then felt myself yield to it.  As Valencia lowered her hips down onto me, gliding the toy inside me, she also slid my wrists up over my head, pressing down upon the cuffs to keep them pinned to the floor.  By the time the wolf-cock was all the way inside me, my wrists were stretched high up over my head, and Valencia’s naked body was pressed against me from hands to toes.

Our lusty kissing continued while Valencia began moving her hips, gliding and dancing the toy inside me.  Eventually the sensations became too much to focus on kissing and our mouths parted, both of us breathing more heavily than before.  

When she would press up into me with the toy, she would arch herself backward, her breasts coming away from mine and stretching up above me.  When she would withdraw, she would lower herself back down onto my body and give me kisses and nibbles up and down my neck. I could just feel the most gentle scratches of her fangs on my flesh, but she took care not to pierce my skin…at least not yet. 

Though the wolf-toy was inside of me, it seemed Valencia was enjoying herself as much as I was.  Every time she would thrust fully inside me and arch her back upward, the base would press back upon her, and she would gasp and groan even louder than I was.  Again and again she thrust, holding herself at the deepest point, crying out happily as she did.  

Pinned to the floor beneath her, I could do little more than just enjoy the sensations of the toy driving deep within me, feel her hips and breasts crushing against mine, feel the stretch in my arms when she pressed on my wrists, and shiver at the play of her mouth over my neck.  The wolf-cock itself was very pleasurable as it glided in and out smoothly, but was not quite as satisfying as the larger dragon-cock had been.

As if she were reading my thoughts, Valencia slowed her movements and looked down into my eyes.  “A wolf is interesting, I must say, but nothing compared to the dragon, yes pet?”

“Not quite, Mistress,” I smiled back at her.  It’s nice, but…”

“Do you know what else is larger and more powerful than a wolf, Aly-Cat?”

I thought about guessing ‘an ork,’ but thought better of it.  “No, Mistress.”

“A full-grown vampire,” she responded with a grin.  “Like my husband, for example.”


Alynnya will return in chapter 8 of My Vampire Mistress on Friday, April 10th!

For those too impatient to wait to read all the saucy scenes between Mistress Valencia and her ‘Aly-Cat,’ the entire story including bonus art is now available for immediate purchase for only $5 on

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