My Vampire Mistress, chapter 6

artwork and original characters by callmeplissken

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My Vampire Mistress is my latest collaboration with my artist-friend callmeplissken, a 35+ page story that includes 4 of his black and white works of art in addition to the full-color cover.

This story builds upon the events in Issue 2 and Issue 3 of his epic comic Adventures of Alynnya Slatefire, where Aly encounters the sultry vampire Valencia (and her dickish vampire husband, Yannos) in her heroic quest to save her sister from a dark mage. In this new story, Aly makes a return visit to Arden Manor and willingly offers herself to Valencia again.

I will be releasing one chapter here every Friday over 10 weeks. For those too impatient to wait 4 more weeks to read all the saucy scenes between Mistress Valencia and her ‘Aly-Cat,’ the entire story is now available for immediate purchase for only $5 on



“Oh, you poor dear,” Valencia teased.  She slowly traced her hand from my lower back, down over the burning skin of my cheeks, and slid her fingers onto the equally hot and burning area between my legs.  Gently she stroked over my warm and wet flesh before letting a finger slip inside and glide along within.  

“Ahhh-ah-ahhhhhh” escaped from my lips at her touch, and my back arched while my knees clutched together.  My initial gasp of surprise turned into a moan of pleasure that almost sounded like a whine…I craved more–more of her touch.

“It seems my little pet is all warmed up and ready for something else?”  She slipped her finger deeper into me, turning it in a slow circle before pressing even deeper.  “Perhaps you are ready to have something else inside you?”

“Ohh…mmmm…ohhhh…” I drew sharp breaths while her finger prodded into me, barely registering that she was speaking to me.  “Yes…yes, Mistress…yes please, Mistress.”

Valencia withdrew her finger and I shuddered at the loss.  I watched as she opened a drawer and withdrew yet another monster-toy purchased from the shop.  My eyes widened as I looked it over.

“I see you like this?”  She placed one fingertip on the sharply pointed tip and traced it down the yellow curved shaft.  “Do you know what it is supposed to be?”

“No, mistress.”  I couldn’t tear my eyes away.  It was intimidating, even more so than the wolf-shaped one she was wearing.  The head alone was large and pointed, but the shaft behind it rapidly grew wider as it curved, with large bulges along the sides.  I couldn’t imagine my small body being stretched that wide.

“This is modeled after the cock of a dragon.  A relatively small one, but a very bad dragon.”

“A small one?”  Now I was even more wide-eyed and fixated upon it.

“Oh, don’t worry, dear.  We won’t start with this one…perhaps later we’ll finish with it.  But I’d like to watch you get yourself…ready…before I use the wolf on you.”  She placed it on the floor nearby, standing on its base with the tip pointing upward, then pulled a couple pillows from the bed.

“Now, if your lovely rear is not too sore, sit here next to the little dragon and lean back on the pillows.”

Moments later, I was reclining on the pillows and trying to keep my weight off my tender rear.  I spread my legs apart; one foot was on the floor with my knee in the air, while the other leg was extended on the other side of the yellow toy.  Valencia stood over me, holding the end of my leash again, and watched as I picked up the dragon toy anxiously. In my small hand it looked even larger.  

“Start slowly if you need, my pet.  But start, now.”  

I nodded.  “Yes, Mistress.”  I turned it so that the tip was pointing at me.  I had the fleeting thought I was pointing a weapon at myself.  I suppose in a way…I brought just the pointed tip up against myself and my abdomen clutched as the firm head pressed against my outer lips.  I slid it up and down slowly, then pressed to one side so that it parted me and began to slip inside.

It was nothing like Valencia’s warm and probing finger.  It was cooler than my hot aroused flesh, and unyielding. As I pressed more firmly the sharply widening head opened me up steadily.  The head was not even all the way inside me when I felt myself straining to take it in.

Then the head popped past my resistance and I closed down on the brief narrow section behind it.  I made a soft ‘oooh!’ sound and bit my lip gently. I looked up at Valencia, and her face was animated with interest; she looked aroused and amused at the same time.  She could tell that it felt good to me, and she was enjoying watching me taking pleasure from it.

“Very good, pet.  How about a little more?”

I nodded again, but didn’t respond this time.  I took a breath and began to press the toy deeper into myself again.  The rounded bulges on the bottom side widened the toy right away, while the top began to curve upward.  Soon it was cleaving me apart again, straining my body, as the tip nudged upward inside me. I pushed with my right hand, while my left clenched against my thigh tightly enough to turn my rosy flesh white under my fingers.

When I didn’t think I could take any more strain, I heard Valencia’s softened voice:  “that’s it, pet, ease back a little, don’t hurt yourself…try again when you’re ready.”

I glanced up at her and shot her a quick grin, then returned my focus to the task at hand.  Or in my hand, as it were. I didn’t want to let my mistress down, but Holy One was this toy huge against my small body!  It felt good to have something fill me up, but this was going well beyond ‘full.’  I took another deep breath and held it, and then, like I was taught during Raja exercise class at the academy, I let my breath out slowly while pushing the toy back in.

Exhaling at the same speed I was pushing in, I didn’t feel the strain nearly as much this time.  The bulge was halfway in before it was filling me to an uncomfortable point. And then, just like when Valencia was spanking me, the discomfort became dulled by a rush of pleasure that spread within me.  I pushed a little more, and felt myself wrap around the widest part of the bulge, and then welcome it in.

“Excellent, my pet.  You may use your other hand to pleasure yourself, if you wish.”

I didn’t hesitate.  “Yes, Mistress,” I said with a shallow-breathed whisper, and my left hand flew to my breast, cupping it, and then squeezing firmly.


Alynnya will return in chapter 7 of My Vampire Mistress on Friday, April 3rd!

For those too impatient to wait 4 more weeks to read all the saucy scenes between Mistress Valencia and her ‘Aly-Cat,’ the entire story is now available for immediate purchase for only $5 on

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