Looking for a Swolemate – QB Tuesday #21

Artwork by Alucard’s Spirit

“Sooo…you want to spar?


Hit the elliptical?

Or maybe…uh…hey…my eyes are up here.”

When Agent Katie hits the gym, she likes to work out with a companion.

But not just some horny gym rat or gawker. 

She wants an accountability partner who helps keep her motivated and working toward a common goal.

And if a little romance happens along the way? 

Well, then they become swolemates!


I’m sure all you creative kinksters out there can come up with an even BETTER caption than that!

SHOW ME! Add your caption in the comments below and I’ll give a shoutout to my favorites on the next post!


Today’s post is the 21st of a series, “Quick Bites Tuesday.”

Credit to @CallMePlisskin for the original idea for the series.

He has his own #TuesdayTease series on his page – go check it out!

MASSIVE thank you to my artist partners who have collaborated with me on this series!!

I’m very grateful for you!   #Gratitude2023


As promised, here’s my favorite from last week; chalk up another ‘win’ for my friend @jonut21
    teaser: you’ll see more of his artwork within the next week!!

“Hey Bonzo! if you have two more Bananas, I can really show you a neat trick I learned in Bangkok!”


This artwork is by my friend and collaborator @AlucardsSpirit 

If you enjoyed, go give him a look on his DA page!

And watch for another #QBTuesday image next week.


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