Pirate Experience pt 4 – That’s my Ship!!

Artwork by Alucard’s Spirit

I signed up for the ‘Pirate Abduction Experience’ excursion on my Space Cruise – but I naively assumed the pirates would be human!  I also naively assumed they’d return me to my cabin when the ‘excursion’ was over.


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The pirate captain and my original red-suited captor exchanged angry words in a language I didn’t understand. The smaller boglin gestured animatedly at me as he spoke. But the larger toad clearly was the boss and the more dominant force in the conversation. 

‘Oh my goodness!’ I thought, watching them from behind the yellow bars of my floating cell. ‘They’re pretending to fight over me! Just like real pirates would! Now THIS is more like it!’ 

I decided to join in the fun. “Boys, boys,” I called out. “No need to fight over little old me…I’m sure we can all work out something!” I winked and vamped suggestively, angling out one hip and flipping my hair over my shoulder. They stopped and glanced at me just for a moment.

‘Gosh,’ I wondered. ‘I wonder if they’ll roleplay dueling over me?’

That would be exciting, I thought…because then the winner would be the true alpha captor – and I’d belong to him!

Now the little boglin began gesturing toward the door, as if toward the rest of the ship beyond it. I couldn’t quite figure out what he intended, but the captain was suddenly looking thoughtful.

The captain took one more look at me, nodded, and then pulled a coin purse from a pocket. He handed it to the boglin, who nodded happily and shook the captain’s hand. 

“What…what was that all about?” I wasn’t understanding this part of the roleplay.

The captain turned back toward me. “He has claim to you because he took you. I have claim to you as captain. We have settled claims.”

“So you…you just bargained for me? You paid him for me? I’m still your private cabin slave?”

‘Oh, this was even more thrilling!’  They had just traded me like a piece of property!

“Sorta,” the toad captain replied, while the boglin grinned happily. “He gives up claim on you, but I agree to share you with crew.”

‘Share me?’ I thought.‘Wow, this pirate experience was getting complicated…but exciting!’ 

I was about to say something to that effect when something moving outside the window caught my eye. It was my cruise ship…and it was sailing away into open space!

“Hey!” I cried out, staring in alarm through the yellow bars of my floating cell. “Why…where is my ship going?”

The captain’s gaze followed mine out the big picture window. “Yes, yes, we done with ship, we let it go,” the captain said matter-of-factly.

My former captor in the red suit grabbed the captain’s arm. “Captain, ‘member – pirate experience girl!” he hissed, jerking his thumb at me.

“Oh yes, I see,” the captain said, nodding toward me “No worries, cabin girl, we meet your ship when pirate cruise done. In Abrexia.” He grinned and gave his companion a wink.

“OH!!” I said, feeling relieved. “That TOTALLY makes sense! This is so authentic, and much longer an excursion than I expected.” 

I smiled brightly at the two of them. “So what’s next in the adventure?”


This little story started out as a recent #QBTuesday post here:  

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and continued in part 2 here:

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and part 3 here:

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This artwork is by my friend and collaborator AlucardsSpirit 

If you enjoyed, go give him a look on his DA page!


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