The Ogre’s Pet

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

Full image and vignette at WordPress link

This very sexy image is a continuation from my previous posts:

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Image created by Alucard’s Spirit.  Go check out his page!


A few hours later I found myself standing beside Boss Ogre’s chair with his arm draped possessively around me—while he went on with ‘business as usual.’  I stood there silently with my arms folded behind my back and a shiny new collar at my throat.

At times it was as if I wasn’t even there, as he held discussions with clients and underlings.  But the eyes of his visitors upon me and his degrading comments about me were a constant reminder that I was present, on display and as a conversation piece.

I was still too angry and humiliated—and more than a little frightened—to relax.  Every time I did try to settle myself and appear calm and indifferent, he would do something to keep me on edge—nudging me closer, sniffing my hair, even casually drawing his huge thumbnail over my nipple.  Or he’d joke with a client about using me to ‘close a deal.’

Earlier, my punishment with the energy whip had dragged on and on, and might have continued longer if a henchman hadn’t interrupted and announced that a client was waiting.  “Awww, damn, lunch is over already?” he had growled.  Then he lifted my chin with the handle of the whip.  “Don’t worry…I take a coffee break later.”

I whimpered and sagged in the ropes holding my wrists aloft, thankful that the vicious whipping was over, if only temporarily.  My backside throbbed and burned from the dozens of lashes he’d given me, and my body was coated in a sheen of sweat.  I could only fearfully imagine what my poor tender flesh looked like after all that abuse.

I’d cried out, loudly, and often.  Vinny the Boss wasn’t just punishing me for escaping and losing him money…he was making sure I knew that I was his property to do with as he pleased.  Being the Boss Ogre’s possession and totally at his mercy was actually quite alluring in many ways…when I had a moment’s respite to think about it, anyway.

Cautiously I had turned my head to look behind me, expecting to see my flesh torn and ravaged by the energy whip.  Instead, I was relieved to see only an aesthetically pleasing pattern of crisscrossing red stripes that were already fading while I watched.  The pain and burning sensation lingered, but there was no permanent damage to be seen!

He had left me there to hang limply in the ropes and recover while he put his dress shirt and tie back on, and slipped his jacket around his massive shoulders.  When he returned to my side, he slipped a shiny new collar around my neck…slim and elegant looking, but no less secure.  The fact that it looked more like fine jewelry than a typical control collar reinforced his promise that he’d claimed me for himself this time.

Now I stood there on display by his side for all to see, while he held his meetings and bragged about how I was back in his possession again.  He’d lost some pride as well as suffered financially when I’d gotten away, and now he wanted all the underworld to know he had his captured Agent of S.P.A.N.K. back under his control, and as his personal pet.

to be continued…


Enjoy the image?  Go check out more from Alucard’s Spirit


Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!

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