Lovely Ladies Sold to New Owners

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

Full image and vignette at WordPress link

This very sexy image is a continuation from my previous post:

Lovely Ladies Tied Together

Image created by Alucard’s Spirit.  Go check out his page!


Alucard was clearly enjoying his dominion over his bound captives.  And not just enjoying the view; he hovered over Loud and me, teasing and taunting us in our helplessness.  

I figured it would be just a matter of time before he either began playing with us, punishing us, or both.  He’d have to untie us sooner or later to do that, right?

I was wrong on all counts.  

Director Alucard had many, many friends, colleagues, business partners and contacts across the world, across interstellar space, and across alternate dimensions.  He knew there were others out there who wanted Loud and me even more than he did—and would pay handsomely to get their hands on us.  Or tentacles.  Or whatever they had.

In Loud’s case, it was Goto the Intergalactic Space Toad.  Goto had claimed and collared Loud previously, but she had escaped him some time ago.  Unfortunately, Alucard had no choice…Goto laid claim to her, and Alucard had to turn her over to him—but at least he was still able to collect a generous bounty for handing her over.

In my case, it was the ogre who’d kept me captive beneath the streets of Royal Oak last year.  Yeah, that one…the one in the pimp suit with the goblin minions.  He must have had some leverage over Alucard, or some other claim on me, for Alucard to return me to him.  I’m not sure what Alucard received in return, but he never fails to profit on a trade.

So instead of freeing us, he called his henchmen into the room and told them to bring some more substantial restraints.  Alucard personally put the leather-and-steel collars around our necks and attached heavier-than-necessary chain leashes.  

Next, our legs were untied, so that thick leather cuffs could be put around our ankles.  Then our hands were untied and the wrist ropes replaced with cuffs as well.  Only then were our gags and the remainder of our harness ropes removed.

Moments later, Alucard was turning us over to our new owners.  Goto himself arrived to take possession of Loud.  My ogre, however, simply sent a goblin minion to retrieve me.  

I barely had time to give Loud one quick goodbye kiss, and then we were being led away into different directions…perhaps never to see each other again!

to be continued…


Enjoy the image?  Go check out more from Alucard’s Spirit


Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!

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