Under the Desk

Crop of art by Alucard’s Spirit

Full uncensored image and vignette at WordPress link

This very sexy image is a continuation from my previous posts:

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Image created by Alucard’s Spirit.  Go check out his page!


“This is the human girl who caused you so much embarrassment – and lost you all that money?  Vinny’s latest client was a big ugly hobgoblin named Skuz, a truly detestable creature that even ogres looked down on…and HE was looking down on ME!

“She doesn’t look like all that much,” he continued.  “I mean sure, she’s got nice tiddies and a round ass…for a human.  But she’s so tiny…humans are so fragile…I’m always worried I’m going to break one of them.” He looked like he was willing to try, though.

“This one’s surprisingly tough,” Vinny replied.  “You should have seen how many lashes she took with the energy whip just at lunch time.”

“Ah, that I would have liked to see.” The hobgoblin raised an eyebrow. “Still, she can’t be worth that much to you…let me take her off your hands. I can put her to work in the milking stalls. Or the wrestling pits. The Arachnoids are always looking for human pets.”

It was bad enough they were talking about me as if I wasn’t even there. It was worse they were discussing such horrific fates. Suddenly ‘harem wench’ didn’t sound so bad.

“No, Skuz,” Vinny said slowly. “I think I’m going to keep this one around for a while.”

The hobgoblin scoffed. “You’ve gone soft, Vinny. After this one killed your client and escaped, the traders began to talk. They sense weakness. They say your slaves lack discipline, you’re cutting corners on training. Someone’s going to move on your turf.”

“That would be their mistake. I’ve dealt with the incompetents,” he said as he drew a line across his throat, “and this slave is back in my possession. What more do they want?”

“The boys don’t like you getting attached to her. She’s just a slave, Vinny. Makes you look weak. You know she’ll try to escape again. What makes you think you can train her to be loyal?”

Irritated, Vinny made a fist. “She’s already being trained…one session with the energy whip and she’s already obedient to anything I command.” Vinny hoped he was correct.

“Oh?” Challenged the hobgoblin. “Prove it.”

Vinny turned to me. “Well, girl? You going to embarrass me again, or you going to prove this douchebag wrong? Keep in mind, if you fail, you’re leaving here on his leash.”

I gulped. Vinny might be cruel and depraved, but he was a much less disgusting option than Skuz. “I’ll…I’ll prove him wrong, Boss. I won’t disappoint you.” I swallowed hard and bowed my head.  “What would you like me to do, Master?”

I heard a jingle of metal, a zipper, and then Vinny’s trousers slid down to his ankles. He reclined in his seat and spread his knees apart. “Under the desk. You know what to do.”

I responded with a silent sigh and a nod of my head.  I dropped to my knees and crawled around his huge leg and underneath the desk.  

“Damn!” Skuz laughed.  “Ok, maybe you do have her obedient this time.” I saw him adjust himself in his trousers under the desk. He scooted his chair back to watch.

I positioned myself between Vinny’s legs. That same fat cock I’d experienced the last time I was here dangled in front of me at half-mast.  I started to lean forward.

“Not yet, girl,” Vinny said, starting to close his knees on me. “Those pants cost more than it cost to buy you. Pick ‘em up and fold ‘em.”

I was glad neither of them could see me roll my eyes. I pulled Vinny’s trousers off his ankles, folded them neatly, and moved back into position. “Now may I please, Master?”

“You may.”

I leaned forward again, taking his huge cock in both hands, and lifted it toward my mouth. I remembered the weight, the heft of it…the thickness…the taste…

I went to work, saving my own skin, and probably saving Vinny’s, too.

“Fuck,” Skuz said breathily. I could hear fabric moving behind me as he stroked himself.  “I’ll give you fifty thousand credits for her, right now.”

“No. I want 150.”  I nearly choked. Not just because they were discussing my price tag with me in the room, but because that was actually a lot of money.

“What?” Skuz yelped. “She’s good, but no way she’s that good.”

Vinny let out a grunt as I drew back with as much suction as I could muster, and  my thumbs circled around that spot he liked. I grinned, despite the cock in my mouth, to hear I pleased him. If he was going to defend me, I was going to give him good reason.

“Oh she has many many more uses than just this. Why don’t you stick around a while tonight, and I will show you.”

Vinny sucked in a deep breath as I squeezed his balls with one hand and stroked his shaft with the other. He was so close, in a moment, he wouldn’t be able to form words.

“Yeah, stick around. In the morning I’ll give you another chance to make a decent offer.”

to be continued…


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