The prisoner exchange is a time-honored tradition among agents and their adversaries.  It represents a mutual respect between professionals who are otherwise continually trying to defeat each other.  It also allows both sides to get on about their business without risky rescue missions and escalating retaliations.

Agent Katie’s main adversary, Rathbone, had taken Junior Agent Natalie prisoner during a prostitution-into-slavery sting while protecting his employer, @auctionhouse69.  He held the young agent for interrogation for a couple days, but then indicated he was willing to trade her for Kimmy, a young asset of Rathbone’s.  This alone was valuable information, as Agent Katie did not realize Kimmy’s value to Rathbone until his unusual request.

Rathbone directed Agent Katie to take Kimmy to the roof of a parking garage and leave her there.  It was an unbalanced situation, but Agent Katie had no choice but to trust Rathbone.  She cuffed Kimmy and left her sitting alone on a parking block.

Rathbone was a suspicious man; he led Junior Agent Natalie from his car, also handcuffed, and gripped her arm tightly as he walked her across the roof toward where Kimmy sat.  Only when he was satisfied did he direct Natalie to sit next to Kimmy.  Rathbone removed Kimmy’s cuffs, placed them around Natalie’s ankles, and helped Kimmy back to his car for a clean escape.

Though Agent Katie was frustrated she did not have more time to interrogate Kimmy as to her connection to Rathbone, Katie was grateful to get Natalie back in fairly good condition.  

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