Captain’s Treasure

‘Alynnya Suspended’ artwork by callmeplisskin

Alynna Slatefire takes another voyage with Captain Catherine–and meets one of Catherine’s peers.

Note:  This chapter takes place after the CallMePlissken artwork/story collaboration ‘All Hands on Deck,’ and is depicted in “Alynnya Suspended.”  There are five more pieces of artwork in the ‘two captains’ series that follow this scene–some are on his DeviantArt page, some are on his Hentai Foundry, and some are patron exclusives here:[tag]=pirates.

Go check them out!


“More wrigglin,’ girl.”  Captain Catherine ordered.  “Yer nay gonna impress me guest just lyin’ there like that.”

I immediately responded with a wiggle of my shoulders and a squirm of my hips.  The desktop below me was well-oiled and warm from the afternoon sun, so my breasts and thighs slid easily on the smooth surface.  Moving at all was difficult in the tight hogtie, but I did my best. 

“Better, me pet.  But still nay gonna ‘mpress much.  Need sumthin’ more.”  

‘Something more??’  My mistress had spent half an hour carefully wrapping length after length of the beautiful blue rope around me.  The harness that hugged my naked body tight took three lengths of rope by itself.

Then her other words caught my attention:  ‘impress me guest.’  I’d never known my captain to try to impress anyone.  Yet she’d used precious fresh water so we could both have baths, and then she’d put on the finest clothes I’d ever seen her wear.  Since then she had been fussing around her cabin.  Her guest must be someone special.

I doubled my efforts to wriggle sinuously for her.  I didn’t know what ‘something more’ might entail; perhaps I would enjoy it, perhaps not.  Regardless, I wanted to please my mistress.  

Captain Catherine watched me struggle mightily until I began to tire and had to catch my breath.  “Nay, that won’t do.”  She turned away to retrieve something from her closet–the closet where she kept all of her toys and tools for playtime with me.

My chagrin at disappointing her was outweighed by my curiosity at what she might bring back.  At first I just saw her select another length of heavier rope, but then noticed something attached.

The captain returned and hooked a pulley to a beam above me.  After connecting its line to several of the blue ropes of my harness, she began to hoist me up off the surface of the desk.

Captain Catherine kept lifting me until I was at her eye level.  The ship was at anchor, but it still rolled with the ocean swells, and in my suspended hogtie I began swinging along with it.  

Much better!” she exclaimed.  She reached out and grasped my face, pulling me close so she could give me a deep warm kiss.  Then she grinned, and gave me a nudge, causing me to spin slowly away from her.  

When I was turned around, she stopped my spin and ran her fingers up the inside of my thigh, then teased at me between my legs until I gasped.  She spun me again, this time holding her hand still so that my body drifted across her hand instead of the other way around.  My nipples tingled when they drew across her gloved palm.

My mistress toyed with me like this until I was once again squirming in my rope harness and moaning with desire for her.  Then she abruptly stopped and left me hanging there in frustration, swaying along with the rocking of the ship.

“Me guest‘ll be ‘ere soon, me pet.  Knowin how ya respond t’ strong women, I’m giving ya a little reminder of jus’ who you belong to.”  She showed me an ornate gold bracelet, the kind with coils that wrap around your arm.  It was a snug fit for my upper arm when she slid it into place.

“An’ I got sumthin’ else fer ya too, girl.”  She removed my collar, the one I always wore when I was with her.  I actually had an uneasy feeling as soon as she removed it.  But she immediately replaced it with another, a polished red one.  She produced a small gold lock and fastened it in place.

“This’n is a little more serious ‘an that play collar.  An’ I’m the only one who has th’ key to the lock.  ‘Member that, too.”

Between her comment about how I responded to strong women, giving me the bracelet to ‘remind me who I belonged to,’ and her comment about the only key, I was beginning to wonder–and worry a little–about this mysterious guest of hers.


Captain Salicia strode up the gangplank of Catherine’s ship purposefully.  The tall, graceful and athletic woman carried two large duffles above her shoulders.

“Welcome aboard, Captain Salicia, I’m Mr.–”

“Don’ care.  Who’s th’ Bosun?”

“Over ‘ere, Captain.  Call me–”

“Bos’n ‘ll do.  Here!”  She tossed one of the duffles at him.  “Take ‘is to me cabin.”

“Yes, Captain.  Want me tell Cap’n Catherine yer here?”

“Nay, I know th’ way.”

“Is ‘ere anythin’ else–”

“That pillory o’er there.  Take it to me cabin.”

“But Captain, it’s bolted down..”

Captain Salicia leveled her gaze at the man, who seemed to perceptibly shrink before her.

“Aye, Captain, right away.”

She readjusted her other duffel over her shoulders.  There was a clink and clatter of items inside as she shifted it.  Without another word, she strode away to Catherine’s cabin.


The gentle rocking motion of the ship nearly lulled me to sleep as I swung back and forth above the desk.  Captain Catherine had fashioned the rope body harness so well that I barely felt any discomfort from my contorted position.

I was stirred from my daze by a commotion out on the deck.  Someone had arrived on board and the crew was scurrying about.  Perhaps this was the mysterious guest of Catherine’s.

Footsteps approached outside the door and it was opened without hesitation.  

In walked one of the most breathtaking women I’d ever seen–and I’ve met a lot of gorgeous women.  She was tall and slender, with striking features and sinewy muscles.  Above strong cheekbones she had steel grey eyes that accentuated the caramel highlights of her dark skin.

Her hair was styled into yarn-like bundles atop her head, some dyed in bright colors, while the hair on the sides of her head was shaved short.  An array of piercings adorned her earlobes, the cartilage above, and even her lower lip!

Now my mistress’ comment about strong women made perfect sense—especially the part about my reaction to them.  This woman, this goddess, had a bold confidence about her perhaps even more evident than my own captain’s.

I was suddenly quite aware of a feeling of weakness in my limbs and a flutter in my tummy.  Captain Catherine was smart to give me the bracelet and lock my collar into place…because I already knew I’d be powerless to resist any of this woman’s commands.   


Catherine’s guest looked directly at her and held her gaze.  You’d think her attention might be at least momentarily drawn to the hogtied naked girl swinging from the rafters, but her focus was on Catherine alone.

Catherine’s eyes lit up.  “Eh, lookit what th’ Sea Queen dragged in.”

“Alo, Cate.  Bin a time.”

The woman tossed her bag to the floor and strode directly over to Catherine.  I watched, stunned, as her hand flashed up and into Catherine’s hair, then pulled her forward into a full-on open mouthed kiss.  

If Catherine was surprised at all, she didn’t show it.  She returned the kiss and slid her hand down to the woman’s waist, then forcefully pulled her in tightly.

Their intense embrace lingered for an awfully long time.  I was mesmerized watching.  My chest ropes suddenly seemed tighter.  So did the knots Catherine put in my crotchrope.  I bit down upon my gag because I couldn’t reach my lip.

After slowly breaking away from the kiss, they stared at each other for a moment, both of their eyes alight with desire.  I felt like an intruder upon their intimate moment, but at the moment I don’t think they even remembered I was there.

“Aye Sal,”  Catherine sighed.  “Yer been missed.”  

Finally she turned and gestured toward me.  “As promised, I’ve prepared me pet as a tasty treat fer us t’ share.”

“This?  This lil’ wisp o’ girl is ou ranger me kontin hearin’ ‘bou?”

“Aye.  This me girl, Alynnya.  She’s me most prized treasure.”

“Trezo?  Ha!” Salicia said with a sneer.  She looked at me scornfully.  “Ti fi blan se yon kochon.  Li se yon jwèt Fuck.”

“Sal, please!”  Catherine laughed.  “I ain’t up t’ snuff on yer Westie dialect.  Speak Pirate, for goddess’s sake.” 

“Sa lil’ white girl ou treasure?  Look ak lil’ slut.  Ye callin’ ‘is lil’ fuck toy sous trezo??”

‘Fuck toy?’ I thought.  Then:  ‘Wait…did Catherine just call me her treasure?’  I felt a warm happy flush at the thought.  


Captain Salicia’s hand in my hair quickly brought me back to reality.  She grasped a handful and turned my face to hers.  I couldn’t break her intense gaze to look away, and I tried to smile around the ball gag, hoping I didn’t look as intimidated as I felt.

“Aye, girlie, ‘ou mus’be some special t’make Cate keep y’ round.  She wears out ‘er pets ‘most fast as I do.”

I knew I should lower my eyes to the floor before I angered her, but I just could not tear my gaze away from her striking features and intense eyes.  I wondered how the piercing below her lip would feel against my…

“You’d be s’prised how much me pet can take, Sal, and still be eager fer more.  She’s a strong one, ‘ey train these rangers t’ be tough.”

“Aye, don’ I know it,” Sal replied wistfully.  “But they’re breakable.”  She squeezed my chin and grinned, before letting my chin fall to my chest.  “Made the last one beg, I’ll make this one beg, too.”

My mistress didn’t respond, she just held a wry grin on her face.

Captain Salicia walked slowly around me, tracing her fingers over my flesh and making my skin tingle.  She grasped a breast as if it were a piece of fruit she was trying to weigh and squeeze for ripeness.  She did the same to my rear before tracing a finger down into the cleft between my cheeks.  Her other hand traced along my tummy until her hands met between my legs.

I became conscious that Captain Catherine was watching intently, and so I tried desperately not to react.  It would be embarrassing, I thought, to react to her friend’s touch in front of her, and I didn’t want to upset her.

Captain Salicia must have realized I was trying not to react, so she began touching me more deliberately and provocatively, probing inside and around me with fingers, seeking out those special spots that she knew would force me to react.  

It became a struggle of wills that I was destined to lose, and to my chagrin, I promptly did.  Despite my resistance, I began shifting my hips and moaning softly.

A glance over at my mistress assured me I had nothing to be ashamed of.  She was clearly enjoying watching me squirm as Captain Salicia toyed with me.

Her fingers found a spot that set my whole body afire, and I clenched down upon them, squeezing my thighs together around her hand.  That earned me a sharp swat on my rear from her other hand, with a sting and a crack that echoed in the room.

“Be still, girl.” Salicia commanded.  Then she addressed my captain.  “Ranger or no, sous lil’ pet’s a greedy kochon.”

“Aye, don’ be jealous now, Sal, jus’ cause I have a ranger fer a pet, an’ yer don’t.  She’s an obedient lil’ thing an’ always eager t’ please her captain.  She may be a kochon, a slut, but she’s ME slut.”

“An’ she does wha’ever you tell her? Prove it!”

“You can prove it yourself, Sal.  She’ll do whatever you tell her, because I tell her.”  Captain Catherine sat down on the desk next to where I was suspended, and picked up the end of my leash.  

“Alynnya, I command you to obey Salicia as if you are obeying me.  Do you understand?”  She gave me a soft smile, but the look in her eyes was anything but soft.

“Yesh, hish’resh.”  I turned my head toward Captain Salicia and caught her eye.  “Ash ‘oo ‘ish, hish’resh.”

“We’ll see about that,” Captain Salicia replied.  “I got me own way o’ testing fer that.”  She turned and retrieved something from her duffle bag on the floor.  

She returned with one of the most fearsome looking cock toys I’d ever seen—and I’ve seen a lot.  A peek into the top of her bag revealed that it was full of other, even scarier, toys and tools.  My mouth was suddenly dry.


“That one o’ yer special ones, Sal?” my mistress asked her.

“Nay, jus’ a thick an’ hard one.  Les’ see ‘ous lil’ kochon handle this firs’ afore we get t’ th’ special ones.”

“So be ’t,” my mistress replied.  “Pet, yer’ll ask Mistress Salicia to fill you with that toy, and yer’ll not make another sound ‘til she’s through.”  

She reached out and began playing with my nipple while she spoke.  She often tested my focus like this while giving me commands, and I’d not failed her in a long time.  “And yer’ll not come ‘til I allow it.”

“Ayesh, hish’resh.”  I couldn’t look at her as I answered.  My eyes were fixated on the oddly sculpted toy in Captain Salicia’s hand.  

“And if yer fail me, pet, I’ll let Salicia take yer to ‘er cabin alone, and yer’ll not see me for a couple days.”

My eyes flew to hers at that.  Did she really mean that?  I was already growing worried about what this fierce woman would do with me while my mistress was here to protect me.  What would she do if we were alone??  

One look in her eyes assured me that she did indeed mean it.  “Ayesh, hish’resh.”

“Aye, Cate, now yer jus’ teasin’ me.” Captain Salicia told her.  “As if I need a reason t’make a lil’ blon’ girl scream.”  She began walking around behind me.

“Think yer lil’ kochon need s’m lube?” she asked.

“Since when have yer cared, Sal?” my mistress replied.

“True ‘dat,” Captain Salicia chuckled.  “Let th’ game begin.”


2 thoughts on “Captain’s Treasure

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the bondage affecting her was a constant theme, how it was not long before it was referenced again. Restraining as well as pleasing her, leaving her vulnerable, having her spin helplessly or just squirm in efforts to enjoy it more / please her Mistress.

    Nicely done!


    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m very very tempted to continue into some of the other images…I have a lot of scraps written but nowhere near ready for the light of day.


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