(story added) Space Pirate Experience

Artwork by Alucard’s Spirit

I signed up for the ‘Pirate Abduction Experience’ excursion on my Space Cruise – but I naively assumed the pirates would be human!  I also naively assumed they’d return me to my cabin when the ‘excursion’ was over.


Ok, this image is a repeat that started with a recent #QBTuesday post here:  

        Space Cruise Interrupted – QB Tuesday #08

But I got so many fun comments and conversations from it, I realized it deserved a little story of it’s own…so here is part 1, and there is already a PART 2 coming, too!


“Lacey, check out this excursion!” I thrust the pamphlet in her face excitedly while we sipped our drinks on the sun deck of our cruise ship. “The Space Pirate Abduction Experience!”

Lacey reached for the pamphlet, causing her bikini top to slip off one breast. She made no move to replace it, and began to read aloud from the flier. “Experience the thrill of having ruthless space pirates board our cruise ship and take you prisoner. Our contracted pirate ‘actors’ will go above and beyond to make the experience as real as possible for you.”

She rolled her eyes at me. “Really, Katie, don’t you and I get enough ‘abduction experiences’ as it is? Besides, Krim and Glob are waiting for us on Abrexia-9. We should probably be resting up for whatever they have planned for us.”

“Oh come on, Lacey,” I pouted. “It’s a long voyage. The boys wouldn’t begrudge us a little fun along the way, would they? Besides, it will get us in the mood for their plans.” I gave her a little wink over the rim of my fruity drink.

Lacey grinned. “Alright. It will break up the monotony of this cruise.” She looked at the back of the pamphlet. “It’s surprisingly inexpensive for a cruise excursion. We’ve spent more than this on drinks this afternoon alone.”


Several hours and several drinks later, a warning klaxon stirred us from dozing on the sun deck. By now both of us were sunbathing in the nude – which not only prevented tan lines, but we hadn’t paid for a single drink since taking off our suits!

Attention passengers: Please return to your cabins immediately. We have been ordered to heave-to and allow our ship to be boarded. There is no cause for alarm; we have an agreement with the, uh, boarding party. Once we uh, complete our transaction with them, we will be again on our way and the all-clear will be sounded. We’ll have you back out on decks before dinner service begins! Please return to your cabins, and, uh, follow all crew instructions to the letter.’

I grinned at Lacey. “Do you think this is it??”

“Ooh, I bet it is!” she replied excitedly. “Let’s hurry back to our cabins…I’ll see you on the excursion!”


The ship’s captain met the boarding party with an anxious expression. He handed over a tablet with a list of names and images on the screen. “Here is the guest list for the uh, ‘excursion.’ You’ll see that all necessary waivers and contracts have been signed.”

He cleared his throat nervously and continued. “You’ll see everything is in order, if you’ll please just go about your business and allow us to resume our journey.”

The leader of the boarding party glanced up from the tablet. “We will take our time and enjoy ourselves as usual – after all, you promised your guests a realistic experience, did you not?” His attention returned to the tablet. “15 sign-ups. Well done, captain.”

The pirate leader nodded to another. “Pay the man.” Then he addressed the rest of his boarding party while tapping the tablet rapidly. “Large group today so most of you are going solo, with an escort from the cruise ship. I’m beaming your assignments to you now.”

There was a buzz of excitement as his crew glanced at the mini-tablets strapped to their forearms. “Have fun, but remember to make sure your assignments are having fun, too – stay in character!! Move them to the staging area quickly.”

The boarding party began to disperse toward the passenger cabin decks. An excited pirate in a red space suit nudged his friend and held out his wrist-tablet. “Lookie! I gots a sexy blonde this time!”

“Very hot!” his friend replied, holding out his own screen. “I got me a spicy redhead. This is gonna be a great haul this time.”


I had barely made it back to my cabin before there was a knock on my door and I heard the beep of the electronic lock opening. I’d intended to rinse off the salty residue from the brine swimming pool and my perspiration from the sun, but a quick glance in the mirror told me that the faint glisten on my skin looked pretty good. I turned to face the door.

A member of the excursion team entered my cabin first, with a sheepish grin on his face and his hands over his head as if he was being held at gunpoint.

He nodded toward whoever was behind him. “Uh, miss, the uh, pirates who boarded the ship have selected you as a um…hostage for the negotiations. If you will, uh, go with him quietly he, uh, promises no one will be harmed.”

“Of course!” I exclaimed with an excited grin. I raised my own hands up above my shoulders in surrender. “I won’t resist, I promise!”

The ‘pirate’ stepped around the crewman with a big grin on his face and pointing a little device at me. “Oooooweee!” he exclaimed, his big eyes getting even bigger. “Yer even prettier than yer picture. I gots me a good one this time!”

My eyes widened too, and my jaw fell open. It was one of those slimy little boglin bastards! I’m not sure what I expected my ‘space pirate’ to look like, but it wasn’t one of these little green cretins!

I’d had enough experience with boglins that I knew it made sense the cruise line would hire them to play the role of space pirates. After all, they had a reputation for taking human women captive and trafficking them back to their home planet. So they really did fit the part.

My pint-sized captor holstered his little gun and hastened over to my side. He put his arm around my legs and clutched me tightly, pressing his cheek against my hip. “Mmmmm, smooth humie skin,” he murmured. He gave me a little sniff and a discreet short lick. “Oooh, tasty, too.”

He turned back toward the crewman, who now had his hands down and a camera in his hands. “Souvenir photo, miss?” he asked, his grin now a little more salacious than sheepish. “No extra charge. It’s uh, part of the package.”

My little boglin pirate wrapped his arms more tightly around my legs, his fingers spreading out to grip my thighs. He turned to face the camera, and as he did, he threw one leg up around my knee to straddle me possessively. I could feel just how excited he was – pressing against my leg.

‘Ok Katie, he might not be the dashing pirate captor you imagined,’ I told myself, ‘but this could still be a lot of fun if you just go along with it.’  I took a deep breath. ‘The cruise line went to a lot of trouble to put this together, so it will all be fine. And Lacey will be there, too.’

I grinned in spite of myself and held my pose for the crewman’s photos, and giggled as my little captor hammed it up for the camera.

‘Yeah, this will be fun,’ I thought to myself. ‘Just relax and enjoy the adventure…’


This artwork is by my friend and collaborator AlucardsSpirit 

If you enjoyed, go give him a look on his DA page!

Part 2 is well under way, watch for it soon!


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