GRATITUDE. That’s the emotion most on my mind today, and most of yesterday, too, as I contemplated the end of 2022…and the near-anniversary of my renewed commitment to having FUN with my writing of kinky sexy fun times.

I’ll definitely recap some of the achievements and notable milestones of my past year in another post, and talk about plans for 2023…but this post right now is all about my gratitude.

Gratitude first, of course, for a loving family and a solid secure career – both give me the space and flexibility to invest time and energy and expenses in this awesome hobby of mine. I’m fortunate to be able to chase the muse and have fun writing what I choose.

What I want to share here, though, is my sincere and overwhelming gratitude to ALL the friends I have here surrounding me. Not just my artist collaborators – they are all incredible, of course, and deserving of countless thanks.

But ALSO, those who have made the most positive impact on me in recent months: the dozen or so friends, writers and artists that come by our Agents of S.P.A.N.K. server every day to share laughs and ideas and images and encouragement and so much unconditional positive reinforcement.

The ones who engage in banter and comments on my DA posts and follow me on other platforms. The ones who seem to love my characters as much as I do, who enjoy getting to know my OCs to the point they make great suggestions that are spot-on in character.

You are the ones who buoy me day-to-day and have helped carry me through some challenging times and the shitty (and still unresolved) things that happened to me back on May 8th. That makes being able to share in the successes and fun with you and the ‘wins’ all the sweeter, too!

To all my artist partners too, who have collaborated with me on new characters and developing current characters…it’s been an amazing year of growth and your love for my (our) OCs is evident in everything you do.

Without you, I would have walked away last January and wouldn’t be writing today. I hope you feel the significance of that. When I challenged myself, I knew I was challenging you, too, and you stepped up in ways I couldn’t have imagined, and I’ll be forever grateful.

I want to recognize AlucardsSpirit, ArtofVenus, WarewolfBarMitzvah, MenchiMenagerie, SchulzWorld, La-Loud, CallMePlisskin, Saurian-Shade, loraxxx, Rob66, Dxc2005, Rebelcommander6, joejanus, durrik, Evilways66, krimzon123, BackDoor3DStudios, MuthSera1, CNC, DB, and Janus for being great artist/writer partners and collaborators.

And more recently some new friends and partners in sexy fun time chat and banterDaisyPierce2000, BethIsAThug, Lalalooloolisa, Curia-DD, Cecyme, JessiBowen, and more from that ‘crowd’ that I’m just getting to know! And also all the other members of our Agents of S.P.A.N.K. server I haven’t mentioned above.

If you’re reading this and are unfamiliar with the creative work of any of the names above PLEASE go check them out and share some positives with them, too.

I hope you ALL can ‘feel’ the depth of my gratitude today!

with love, Katie

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