Ginormous Thanks!

Art by Alucard’s Spirit, Art of Venus, La-Loud

Hey Kinksters,

Your birthday wishes overwhelmed me with gratitude and happiness yesterday!

You are all so good to me and made me feel so special…thank you!!!

I wanted to share just a few of the great images from yesterday.

I’ll share more later, too.

I’m only giving little thumbnails for now because I’m going to have mini-vignettes for some of them, but here are the links to my awesome friends who did the images above.


Katie and Glob:    by AlucardsSpirit and you can see the full image here: Happy Birthday Katie

Evie in the Spider’s Lair:   by ArtofVenus   (gotta do a vignette for this one!)

Loud and Katie Day Away:    by La-Loud   (gotta do a vignette for this one, too!)

Plus, I got an awesomely hot story from my friend Rebelcommander6 that goes with an existing image…not sure I can share the whole story, but perhaps a snippet or two with the image later this week.


I’ll share more, keep an eye out!

And don’t forget tomorrow is #QBTuesday – another saucy caption challenge tomorrow.

Thank you again, you awesome kinksters

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