Art by Alucard’s Spirit

Woooo! GO BLUE!! 

I don’t often gloat on like this but this one was special and so much fun to watch today.

Not just watching my team beat their arch-rivals, but a beat-down…for the second year in a row…clinching a division title…clinching a berth in the playoffs…becoming the #2 team in the country…when they were 8 point underdogs given no chance…

Woooo!  So relieved and proud of my boys.

Next up, conference championship next Saturday and Playoffs Dec 31st.

AND…just so you know…if they had lost, I would have had to post Cheer Katie wearing a red collar…so we’re ALL glad we don’t have to see that, right?…ummm…I think we’re glad?

Say it with me…it’s great…to be…a Michigan Wolverine!

2 thoughts on “YEAH, BLUE!

  1. If you’d lost the bet you only have to wear a red collar? Hardly seems fair. Wait, did you mean you have to wear ONLY a red collar? Damn, almost enough to get me to root for OSU. Well, almost.


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