Agent Katie Beach Kidnap

Crop of art by Alucard

Full Image and vignette at WordPress link

Crop of image created by Alucard. Go check out his page!


Agent Katie was dozing on the beach in the warm sun, her iPad laying across her abs where it dropped when she nodded off. She was startled when her phone began buzzing somewhere in her beach chair. She sat up and it slid between her legs just as it buzzed again.

“Ohhh, fuuuu….” she moaned. She’d been having a saucy dream and the vibrating phone didn’t do anything to clear it from her head. She composed herself as best she could and answered it.

Of course it was her partner, Susan, calling in for a status check. ‘I told you I’d text if I anything changed, dammit…’ she muttered. ‘Stop calling my phone, I don’t use it for that!’

“Hey Susan.”

“Nope, absolutely nothing going on here. Are you absolutely certain those reports are legit? Seriously, Froglins kidnapping spring breakers right off the beach? Are you sure those girls aren’t just making it up to cover for the fact they hooked up with some college studs last night?”

“Yeah, I know we need to take it seriously. It’s just that I’ve been sitting on this beach for two days straight now and I haven’t seen a thing. And I’m bored! After you drop Sabrina at her modeling gig, put your suit on and get down here. I’ll buy you a tropical drink.”

“No, I’m not just laying around drinking and reading!” Agent Katie raised her glass in the direction of a cabana boy to order another vodka-blueberry-lemonade.I’ve been sleeping, too.’

“Don’t lecture me on situational awareness! You’re the one who got captured by those alligator poachers, not me. And I’m sure Yasmine is totally on point while she’s lounging on that yacht. Going undercover as a fetish model? Please. They’re probably doing shots off her toned ass.”

“Fine! I’ll focus, I promise. But seriously, come down and hang out with me for a bit. This cabana boy is some mighty nice eye candy…”

‘Sigh.’ “Yes, I’ll stay alert. I promise.”


Agent Katie clicked off her phone and set it on the table beside her. After a moment’s thought, she let it slide back down between her legs in the chair again. ‘Susan’s going to call back sooner or later.’

She accepted the proffered drink from the handsome cabana boy and gave him a wink. He grinned widely and didn’t even try to disguise the slow once-over he gave her.

Agent Katie picked up her iPad again.‘Crud, what page was I on? I got suntan lotion all over the screen. Forget it. I’m going to sneak in another quick snooze before Susan gets here.’

Soon she was drifting off again, and her dream seemed to pick up where it left off – except the other characters in her dream had changed. “Froglins…” she murmured. “What the hell are you doing here?”


“Did you hear that?” whispered the bigger froglin dressed all in black. “How did she know we’re here? I have been as stealthy as the wind.”

“For starters, because you’re in a full ninja outfit on a sunny beach,” muttered his smaller partner wearing only swim trunks. “And we’re in Florida, the wind isn’t exactly stealthy here!”

“False!” hissed the ninja froglin. “I am one with the shadows.”

The other smacked his forehead. “We’re on a beach…in broad daylight…there ARE no shadows!” He shook his head. “Whatever, she’s on to us, we gotta take her now.”

“I go high, you go low,” the ninja froglin hissed. “You got to tie up the boobs last time.”

“Works for me,” his partner chuckled. “I’m more of a foot guy anyway.”


There’s a little teaser scene for the future series of the Agents of S.P.A.N.K. in a tropical paradise. Well, actually, Florida. But the artwork will make it LOOK like paradise.


Enjoyed the image?  Go check out more from Alucard!

Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!

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