KatieD interview by Rob66!

If you can’t click the interview link, see the WordPress post for details.

Hey, Kinksters!  Guess what?

The legendary @Rob66 invited me to be interviewed and it posted today!  Go check it out!

If you don’t know Rob66, he’s done interviews with over 350 people from the greater kink community, from artists to writers to actresses to models to producers. It was a great honor and a privilege to join that list.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share a little more about myself, my passion, and and my experiences – good and bad – that led to my kinky sexy fun hobby today!

You’ll also see some of my favorite images and links to my favorite collaborative partners and how we got started working together, plus I talk about how awesome it is to be part of a supportive community – and what it means to me to have a kink-positive and inclusive outlook toward everyone, regardless of their kinks or background.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it – I promise it will be eye-opening!


Shoutout to my awesome artist partners, without whom I’d never be having this much fun or creating so many kinky sexy fun times for you all to enjoy. As I like to say, THESE are the brilliant creative folks who make the images you like to click on!

Please be sure to go give them some positive reinforcement and tell ’em Katie sent you!

@CallMePlisskin @MenchiMenagerie @ArtofVenus @AlucardsSpirit @WarewolfBarMitzvah @Saurian-Shade @loraxxx @La-Loud @SchulzWorld, Rebelcommander6, CNC, DB, and Janus.

And of course, a very special thank you to @Rob66 for all the hard work he invested in putting this interview together!

Here’s to more kinky sexy fun times with all of you!


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