Betting on Red

crop of artwork by MenchiMenagerie, full story and uncropped image here:

See the full story and uncropped saucy artwork by MenchiMenagerie here!

Evie and Laressa make a bet who can put the other in more intense kinky distress.

Betting on Red by Menchi is part 1. Betting on Gold by me is part 2.

here’s a teaser snippet from Menchi:

“There, perfect!” A happy timber from the redhead, and with a sharp yank the hood covering Evies’ face was yanked clear off her head.

Face to face with Laressa, a warm smile on her lips as she leaned in to kiss the gag of the helpless beauty. “I spent a while thinking ‘what would be the perfect way to keep you on edge, helpless but to melt with desire and pleasure all for My amusement?’ and then I remembered there was a certain garden a friend of mine took good care of. I just knew you would enjoy it.”

Evie blinked her eyes with the light blinding her, her vision coming back into focus as she saw the trees and plants surrounding her. Various unique species of plants in different locations, a sort of ordered chaos to it all.

She then looked down to see what were clearly roots creeping up her thighs, and from the centre of a flower bloomed a violet-pink bulb. With how it was growing, there was little doubt about just what it was seeking.


The saucy and sexy Part 1 story and uncropped image is here for free:  Betting on Red

The saucy and sexy Part 2 story and uncropped image is here for free: Betting on Gold

Please check out more great artwork on Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt.

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Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Laressa is the OC of Menchi, who has his own page on my site here: MenchiMenagerie.


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