Betting on Gold

crop of artwork by MenchiMenagerie, full story and image here:

See the full story and uncropped saucy artwork by MenchiMenagerie here!

Evie and Laressa make a bet who can put the other in more intense kinky distress.

Betting on Red by Menchi is part 1. Betting on Gold by me is part 2.

here’s a teaser snippet:

Clad in black from head to toe, I was concealed in shadow in Laressa’s darkened bedroom.  I had a clear view of the two women on the bed; the slender young woman wth the chestnut hair was lying on her back, with the elegant redhead kneeling over her.  Both were oblivious to my presence.

That was likely because of how focused upon each other they were.  Elle, the dark haired beauty, was staring up at the more dominant crimson-haired Laressa with desire and trepidation in her eyes…partially because there was little else she could do.  Her wrists were stretched out to the corners of the headboard, her ankles were similarly stretched out wide, and she wore a stiff collar that kept her chin up and eyes forward.

The look on Laressa’s face was more sultry, seductive and in control.  Which was also appropriate, as she was kneeling over Elle in a commanding pose and tracing a teasing finger over the trembling flesh of the younger woman.

The scene was so sensual and hot that I couldn’t resist letting my own fingers trace softly over the sheer fabric of my black skinsuit, lingering over the hard raised shape of a hardened nipple, or stroking over the warm dampness between my legs.

I had to stifle a sigh of pleasure.  If I revealed my presence too soon, my gambit would be over and the bet would be lost.  Laressa had already completed her move by fiendishly coaxing me into the most wanton sensual distress.  Tonight was finally my turn.


The saucy and sexy full story and image can be read here for free:  Betting on Gold

Please check out more great artwork on Menchi’s Page here, and visit him on DeviantArt.

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Evie is my OC, with visual design elements by  CallMePlisskin.

Laressa is the OC of Menchi, who has his own page on my site here: MenchiMenagerie.


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