VIP Experience

artwork by callmeplisskin

Kayla attends a haunted farmhouse attraction with her new boyfriend Bobby and is treated to the VIP scare experience!

“This is a pretty good haunted farmhouse, isn’t it Kayla?”  Bobby guided his new girlfriend through the macabre displays and enthusiastic actors with a tending hand at the small of her back.

“Sure, Bobby!  I love haunted houses.  They’re a little scary but a good scare gets me in the mood, if you know what I mean…”  she smiled and winked for good measure.

“That was my plan.”  He winked back, and nudged her forward.  “There’s a special VIP area out back, I can’t wait to show you.”

“Ooh, VIP?  Sweet! How did you score that?” 

“I know the owners…I told them I was bringing along a special girl to meet them.  I love your farm girl costume, by the way…it’s perfect for tonight.”

“You really like it?” she asked bashfully.  “I hope it’s not too…revealing.”

“It’s just the perfect amount of revealing, Kayla.  The owners are going to love it.”

Bobby nodded at an actor dressed as a hooded executioner who was standing by an exit door between exhibits, and guided Kayla out the door.

“Wait!  I wanted to go through the scary dungeon room!”  She gave an adorable little whine. “I bet they have chains and stuff in there.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to see it.  If the owners like you, they’ll give you a special VIP visit.  And I just know they’re going to like you.”

“Oooh Bobby, you’re such a tease, making me wait!”

Bobby escorted Kayla back toward the barn near the fields, keeping his tending hand at her back, enjoying the feel of the goosebumps rising on her bare skin.

“This is so creepy out here…I’m kinda freaked out…and it’s getting me kinda hot…”

“Good, good!  Ok, the owners like to give VIP guests a special scare.  You’re going to love it.”

He led her over to a pillory with stocks mounted on top.  “This is the best part of the VIP experience. You’re going to wait for the owners’ arrival in this.”  Bobby opened the hasp and raised the top part of the crossbar.

“In the stocks?  Oh, you kinky devil!  This is so exciting!” Kayla didn’t hesitate to put her neck in the the center ring and her wrists in the cutouts on either side.

“Oooh! That’s a little cold!” she gasped as the metal ring came down on the back of her neck.

Bobby didn’t respond, just grinned.  He closed the hasp that secured the top and bottom sections together.  Then he reached in his pocket and pulled out a padlock, showing it to Kayla.  He kept his eyes on her as he slipped the shackle through the eye of the hasp.

Suddenly Kayla began realizing the vulnerable position she was in.  “Uhh…Bobby…that’s making it really real…umm…is it necessary to lock it?”

“The VIP experience is all about making it real, babe.”  Bobby smirked as he clicked the padlock shut. “Don’t worry, I’m going to put the key right here on this nail so the owners can take you out when they’re done.”

“Bobby…I’m not sure about…what do you mean, done?”

“Relax, Kayla.  You’re playing the VIP role.  And you’re going to be their favorite VIP all season.  They might even give you a job playing a victim inside.”


“I’d stay and watch, but honestly, ‘the owners’ kinda freak me out.  I’ll see you back in the dungeon room when they bring you in. My shift as The Inquisitor is about to start.”

“Bobby!  Bobby! Get me out of here now, Bobby!”

“Oh, hush-hush, Kayla. We can’t have you shouting and making a fuss when ‘the owners’ arrive.” He pulled a bit gag from his pocket and secured it tightly between her teeth. “I don’t know if you can tell, but this is made from dried cornstalk. It’s a little touch ‘the owners’ will appreciate.”

Bobby waved as he opened the door back into the haunted farmhouse. Kayla was still mmmph-ing at him to come back when she heard a rustling in the field…

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