Happy (belated) halloween!

“I know some tricks that would be a treat for you…”

Yes, yes, I know I’m posting this late…

Those who know me know that Halloween is probably my favorite holiday of the year…at least my 2nd favorite, anyway. I usually go all out, hostessing a ‘spook house’ in my garage (nicknamed the “Gruesome Garage” by my friend callmeplissken).

That’s also my excuse for why I didn’t get my sh*t together and post this until today…anyhoo…

For the second year in a row, I commissioned a special Halloween image from him as a gift for all my friends over on the discord site, as a thank you for their support (and occasionally, their tolerance of my crap).

I’m glad to share this with all of you. Enjoy!

And if you like the art, check out his free comic page callmeplissken, or his Patreon site with almost 2000 images: patreon.com/callmeplissken

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