SASS Artist Spotlight Series #3

artwork by MenchiMenagerie

How about some SASS for your Sunday morning?

(Yeah, you know me…always bringing the SASS!)

Sunday Artist Spotlight Series #3 – @MenchiMenagerie 


Today is the third in a new series where I’ll feature an image from one of my artist friends.

Today’s spotlight is on @MenchiMenagerie and this awesome image of two of my OCs: Evie and Elle.

Evie is a member of the Codex Cryptae, the Intelligence arm of the Ranger Corps. Elle (Agent L) is the Codex Cryptae Research and Development Labs Director, and Evie often assists Elle with testing and Quality Assurance. 

Coincidentally, (or not), Elle always invites Evie for testing on Friday nights–so that she can keep her for the whole weekend!

What I like about this image is how he captured the roles and personalities of both.  Evie willingly submits herself into a kinky fun situation that quickly moves beyond her control, ending up not only in clingy latex, but an armbinder and ball gag, all in the name of KINKY SCIENCE and furthering the technology of the Cryptae!

Elle, for her part, is taking full advantage of her authority and opportunity to dominate this lovely agent, yet she’s also demonstrating care and concern for the submissive in her charge.

Plus the nighttime vibe and the light glinting off the shiny latex and Evie’s golden hair….so lovely!!!


Menchi’s been a loyal friend for years and has helped buoy me through some ups and downs in life. He’s kind, generous, humble, unassuming, considerate and honest, always quick with a compliment, positive reinforcement, and shows gratitude unsparingly!  He regularly does birthday gift artwork for his friends and participates in Kinktober as well.

He’s also constantly pushing himself to improve like few others do! It’s been a pleasure to watch him develop and improve over the past few years. I’ve enjoyed collaborating with him on projects and stories, and commissioning his work. He has a very sexy OC, Laressa, a dominant spideress and seamstress who loves toying with her ‘little flies’ (like Evie).

Here’s a great example of one of our projects together:

He’s a lot of fun to work with and his commission rates are very reasonable. Please go check out his DA page and consider working with him!
Go check out his work and give him some positive reinforcement!

Please go give @MenchiMenagerie  a visit over on his page and show him some love!  He’s definitely worthy of your kinky fun times commission budget!

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