Jumping into the Fray

Artwork by DxC2005

With a mighty war cry, berserker warrioresses Sabrina, Sofia and Deena jump into the fray.

They’ll willingly give their own lives to repress the oppressive invaders from the south.


My friend @Dxc2005 has kicked off another epic battle, this time Celtics vs. Romans.

I’m honored to have him include my baddass warrioress Deena in another of his works.

If you haven’t seen her in his last epic, ‘Heroic,’ definitely go check it out.

Samples here: Forward!

Full story here: Heroic (gumroad.com)

And please stop by his DA page and give him some kudos for his awesome work.



Gratitude 2023 <– my mantra for 2023!

Here’s another ‘rear’ view of the scene!


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