Pirate Experience pt 3 – Captain’s Quarters

Artwork by Alucard’s Spirit

I signed up for the ‘Pirate Abduction Experience’ excursion on my Space Cruise – but I naively assumed the pirates would be human!  I also naively assumed they’d return me to my cabin when the ‘excursion’ was over.


Be sure to check out parts 1 and 2 here:



As soon as the shuttle craft containing the fifteen female ‘hostages’ was secured aboard the pirate ship, the cruise ship was released and the two spacecraft went their separate ways.

The women who had signed up for the ‘Space Pirate Abduction Experience’ excursion were about to endure exactly that – they just didn’t realize yet they’d been taken captive for real.

Despite what the cruise ship crew had told Agent Katie, there was no souvenir gift shop at the end of the tour, either. Just a slave market on Abrexia where they would meet their new owners.

The crew had told the truth about the brig on the pirate ship, however. The ‘hostages’ from the ‘pirate raid’ were helped from the padded boxes in which they’d been packaged for the trip between the ships, and escorted into cells – to the cheers and amusement of the pirate crew.

Lacey, the sultry redhead looked around worriedly for her friend Katie. She took a quick head count of the pirates’ prisoners and realized there were only fourteen women in the cells.

She didn’t know that the red-suited pirate who claimed Katie had arranged to have her brought to his quarters. He planned to keep his prize human girl with him for the duration of the journey.

Unfortunately for the eager boglin pirate, though, the box containing Katie never made it that far. The pirate captain got wind of his plan and ordered the captive brought to his stateroom instead.


When the lid was opened on the box I’d been packaged in, I was quite surprised by my surroundings. Instead of the brig of the pirate ship, I was in a spacious room with an expansive window looking out at the stars. The room was bare except for a bed and an odd looking table. 

And instead of my little red-suited boglin captor who had claimed me, I was helped from my storage box by a much larger toad. He looked me over and grinned happily as he took my hand.

“Ooowie!” he cried. “Me boyos were right! You are the prettiest little human girl I’ve ever seen!”

“Why thank you, kind Sir,” I said with a little curtsy. “Where am I? And who might you be?” 

“I’m the captain of this here ship,” he said proudly. He waved his arm around the room. “And these are me private quarters. And now you’re me personal cabin slave.”

“Oh this is so exciting!” I gushed. “This is the most amazing excursion I’ve ever been on! First I’m abducted from my cabin by a pirate and told I’m a hostage…then I’m stuck in a box and taken aboard a pirate ship…and now I’ve been claimed by the captain himself!”

The captain chuckled. “Uhhh…yup! All that! You’re me slave-girl as long as you please me.”

“This is so thrilling,” I replied excitedly. “So what do I do as a cabin girl?” I looked around the stark room, looking for any clues as to what he expected. I still only saw the bed and the table. I was also still completely naked. I wondered if he’d have a special sexy outfit for me to wear.

“First, you entertain me.” He grinned. “I put you in a cage and you dance for me.”

I giggled. “Ooh! That sounds fun! Where do you want me?”

He took my hand and led me over to the strange round table. I noticed that it was floating in midair; I could see lights reflecting underneath it. Yet, when he helped me to climb up and stand on the table, it was as stable as if it were anchored to the floor. 

I moved to the center of the table and turned to look back at him from my elevated pedestal. The way he was blatantly ogling my nude body made me slightly self-conscious, but I was so excited by this pirate prisoner roleplay that I was enjoying myself too much to really mind.

‘Just relax and enjoy the adventure…’ I repeated to myself. I struck a sexy pose for him.

He pushed a button on a remote, and vertical yellow laser beams lit up between the round table surface and a matching circle above me – creating the bars of a floating prison cell!

I’d always had a fantasy of being a caged dancer on display in a club. Now here I was, roleplaying a prisoner in a high-tech floating cell, ordered to dance for my new master.

I began to sway gently, careful not to get too close to the yellow lights, just in case. I was pleased to see the pirate captain standing there staring at me with wide eyes and mouth agape.

“Like this, Sir?” I asked, rotating my hips and raising my arms up over my head.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” he nodded excitedly. He looked like he couldn’t believe his good fortune.

I was a little disappointed at how smitten and speechless he seemed. I would have hoped an actor roleplaying a pirate captain would be a little rougher or cude…maybe even a little mean. 

I was about to ask him to be a little more ‘piratey’ when suddenly his cabin door burst open. I saw my red suited captor rush in, out of breath and agitated, waving his arms animatedly.

“What going on?? I catched her! She mine! You can’t have her!!”


This little story started out as a recent #QBTuesday post here:  

        Space Cruise Interrupted – QB Tuesday #08

and continued in part 2 here:

Space Pirate Experience – pt 2 (art by Alucard)


This artwork is by my friend and collaborator AlucardsSpirit 

If you enjoyed, go give him a look on his DA page!


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