1500 (watchers) Club

Artwork by Alucard’s Spirit

Glob and Krim welcome Agent Katie to the 1500 club.

“Wait,” I said, as Krim was about to gag me. “You’re telling me it’s an actual club??”

“Yup,” replied Glob while he bound my wrists. “And all your watchers are there waiting for you. So stop wriggling!”

“What exactly goes on at this club?” I was feeling a little skeptical this was legit.

“You have to act out all the deviant desires,” Krim explained.

ALL of them??”    ‘We could be here a while…’

“Yup. ALL of them.” Glob grinned. “Stand still so I can do your legs,” he commanded.

“Ummm…wait…all of MY deviant desires, or all of my WATCHERS’ deviant desires?”

“YES.” both space toads replied in unison.

“Hey, uh, guys, hold on…” I pleaded. “I’m not sure I want to – MMMPH!! – NNNNUH!  NAAHHH EEEE GHHOHHHH!”

“You wanted lots of watchers,” Glob teased while grabbing my upper arms, tight enough to control my squirming.

“Some of them are ready with requests for you. You should commission Alucard to recreate the most creative one.”

Krim grabbed my legs, avoiding my kicking stocking-clad feet. “Let’s not keep them waiting!!”



Woo hoo!  

Back on January 3rd I passed the 1500 watchers milestone.

Regrettably, Alucard and I have been busy with other projects (and year-end processes at work), so we couldn’t get this out until today.

But once again, I’m grateful to all of you watchers for your support and positive reinforcement, and to my discord friends and artist collaborators for encouraging me and pushing me to keep creating.

Last January 2nd 2022 I renewed my commitment to having FUN with my writing, and what a difference it made! At the time my page had 345 watchers, so in 2022 I added:

1150 watchers

1.74M page views

10.5K favorites


206 posts

And looking at my queue and to-do list…I can honestly say:

2023 is going to blow that away!

Thank you all again!


This artwork is by my friend and collaborator @AlucardsSpirit 

And was a very sweet gift to celebrate my 1500.

If you enjoyed, go give him a look on his DA page!



One thought on “1500 (watchers) Club

  1. “And all your watchers are there waiting for you. So stop wriggling!”
    But all that sexy wriggling is why we watch you!
    Wishing you boundless, er wait that doesn’t work, exceedingly pleasing growth in 2023.


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