Miriam Correia Bio

Art by SchulzWorld

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Art by SchulzWorld. Go check out his page!


Introducing Miriam Correia, a potential nemesis for S.P.A.N.K.

Art by @SchulzWorld 


Name:  Miriam Correia
Nickname:  “Mir”

Age:  42
Height: 5’3”

Job:    Banker and Financier, COO of First National Bank of Kesstock

Country Origin: USA

Personality type:  ENTJ

Interests/Hobbies: Finding ways to take the most advantage of any situation, whether it be in business or social. Fiercely competitive, she hates to lose and sees any compromise as a failure to get everything she deserves. She even treats many friendships and family relations as transactional…she’ll give them her time and energy only if she’s getting something in return.

Dom/Sub:   Miriam will insist that she is dominant and in charge at all times, and would only ever submit to another if she’s run out of all other choices. However – once she capitulates and gives up control, she finds that she can truly let go and embrace a submissive experience.

Much like her ‘best friend’ Louise Mueller, Miriam thinks of herself as a very important person in Kesstock, a mover and shaker and deal-maker. She is often impatient and always in a hurry, and she can come across as cold, indifferent, and condescending to any who she considers ‘beneath her’ – which is almost everyone she deals with on a daily basis.

Miriam likes to be thought of as the woman you want to go see when a tough deal needs to get done or some ‘creative financing’ of your criminal enterprise needs to be arranged. She’s not afraid to take advantage of the power and connections of her position as COO and head of loan operations, and if your business is shady or your credit shaky, you’re going to pay extra for her help.

While Miriam can be more tactful and graceful than Louise in social situations, she rarely bothers to try. She is known for being dominant and verbally aggressive so she doesn’t get on well with oversensitive people – having to be sensitive to the egos of others can be a major bother. She lacks patience for people who are naturally less direct or a bit slower.

What Miriam fears most is a lack of control – in her career, in business dealings, and even in social situations. When control is literally taken away – such as the few times she’s found herself in a sticky situation or being held accountable for her actions – she bristles with seething anger and looks for ways to lash out.

Only when she is utterly stripped of control or humbled will she take orders from or show any respect to someone more dominant than herself. As a result, she brings a lot more trouble and suffering upon herself as she resists letting go or giving in to others’ demands.

She is ‘best friends’ with Louise Mueller, a tenured councilwoman in Kesstock. They consider each other ‘partners in crime,’ which isn’t just a fun reference to the raucous fun they have going out on the town together – they are literal partners in crime, skimming funds and orchestrating shady deals.

And while Miriam and Louise are best friends, they each harbor occasional jealousies and resentment toward each other…usually prompted by them both flirting and crushing on the same romantic prospects, or by cutting one another out of their latest shenanigans.


@SchulzWorld and I have been chatting about introducing some new characters in his vibrant world of Kesstock.

Some would be Agents of S.P.A.N.K. or interact with the agents, and some would interact with his other OCs and friends’ characters.

After we chatted about Miriam, he did all the design and development work while I wrote more of a profile for her.

I think she turned out great – I’m looking forward to seeing her adventures!

Please go check out his fantastic characters and art and dive into the world of Kesstock.


Thanks to all the creative partners in our community for all the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of our entire group–I’m grateful to all of you!

If you’d like to join us in our Agents of SPANK discord server, send me a private message.

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