New Indiegogo comic fundraiser!

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

We’ve just kicked off a comics and 3D art-based fundraiser to support my good friend AlucardsSpirit. EVERYONE who participates gets a reward of some sort, and there are some other great incentives at low participation levels, including some of my own work.

Alucard is one of the most innovative and longest-tenured artists working in 3D comics, adult graphic stories and stand-alone images. He’s a 25-year veteran artist who has produced 37 comics; on DeviantArt alone he has 1,700 posts, 7,300 followers, well over 2M page views, and three active comic projects.

Unfortunately, his aged equipment can no longer keep up with the detailed and high-resolution work he’s known for, and he’s not able to complete the comic projects without replacing it. He also cannot complete the high quality commission work he would normally do to fund it.

Your support will allow him to finish the current comic projects and move to new ones, as well as continue completing commission work and other small projects. As a supporter, you will directly benefit through specific supporter rewards as well as enjoying his continued work.

Before you scroll down to the incentives and details, you can read a bit more in his own words in his latest post on his DA Page AlucardsSpirit.


Funding Goal: $3850 for replacement PC powerful enough to render detailed high resolution artwork What supporters will get:

  • Everyone who donates will get a 10 image Hi-Res album of Alucard’s favorite characters
  • $25 Donation: Hi-Res PDF of Agent Katie Jungle Adventures story and images
  • $50 Donation: Single page commission from Alucard’s Spirit (restrictions apply)
  • $100 Donation: Copies of the first 2 published comics produced on the new equipment.
  • $250 Donation: Copies of the first 6 published comics produced on the new equipment.

10 image album will be delivered within days of donation beginning 4/30. Agent Katie Jungle Adventures expected 4/30. All others will be delivered in order of donation, after equipment is fully in use.

If funding not met: Donations will be retained and applied toward the best equipment possible after funding period ends.


The Impact Alucard is currently unable to create the high-resolution, high quality work his fans and followers enjoy, and that patrons want to commission from him.

As a result, he’s unable to complete projects, take on commissions, or generate the income needed to replace the equipment on his own.

Alucard’s ability to produce content with new equipment and fulfill all the fundraising commitments is not in question; over the last 25 years he has produced 37 previous comics for sale and has over 1700 posts on DeviantArt alone.


Risks & Challenges The primary risk is that the funding achieved is inadequate to purchase equipment at the end of the funding period. In that event, additional sources of funding will be sought, and there may be a delay in fulfilling supporter rewards, but they WILL be fulfilled at the earliest opportunity.


Other Ways You Can Help Even if you cannot contribute today, please help get the word out, both to Alucard’s fans, and to those who may not have encountered his work yet.

Thank you!

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