Cheering for you, my creative kinksters!

Art by Alucard’s Spirit

For years I’ve been a patron of my favorite artists and I believe in supporting them in ALL their efforts, not only financially, but also as a creative partner, advisor, confidant, and yes–cheerleader.  ;)

My friend AlucardsSpirit made this image as a surprise for me, saying: “this is what you are to the community.”

He followed it up, saying:  “You always have positive feedback and urge people to keep at it.”

I was deeply touched, to say the least, because I honestly do want to do everything I can to help my friends and my community succeed.

I just want everyone to be happy and successful, and I want us ALL to have kinky fun times getting there.

I have at times been called cloying (actual quote) and accused of meddling (actual quote), but I remain undeterred, with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!!


Thank you all again, my creative kinksters,

And a special thanks to my creative partners in our community.  NONE of this would be possible without the creative energy, enthusiasm and encouragement of my collab partners, and I’m grateful to each of them:

AlucardsSpirit, ArtofVenus, WarewolfBarMitzvah, MenchiMenagerie, Saurian-Shade, BlueJaey,  RC, and CNC.

And here’s the image without the text:

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