Callie’s Diary, pt. 3

Brimstone County #05 artwork by CallMePlissken

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The artwork is the fifth in a new series from CallMePlissken, set in the Weird West setting of Brimstone County. Innocent saloon girl Callie Sierra has been a very popular new character with multiple appearances.


Dear Diary,

Today the cowpokes from the cattle drive rode into town.  They’d been on the trail for nigh two months now, and they were so filthy and smelly!  

This time, there was a lady cowboy in the crew.  She looked me up and down in the same way ol’ Rosie does, like appraisin’ me an’ all.  When I brought her a mug of ale, she asked where the baths were.  

When I told her and pointed the way, she grabbed my arm an’ said, “no, I want you t’ show me…I’ll be needing you t’ wash my backside…and certain parts o’ my frontside, if you know what I mean, girl.”


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