Sacrificed to the Lady of Dragons

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vignette by me

The Lady of Dragons craves the flesh of an elven maiden…but not in the way the princess thought…
Tumblr and DA safe version
The Lady of Dragons craves the flesh of an elven maiden…but not in the way the princess thought…
Teased with hot coals version

While negotiating a truce with the fiendish Lady of Dragons, the King of the Elves agreed to surrender an elven princess to be sacrificed.  He felt a little guilty sending the princess–his oldest sister–to what would likely be a messy death, torn apart by the Lady’s dragons. 

But the elven princess was only his step-sister, and in a less patriarchal society she would have a stronger claim to the throne.  Sensing a progressive movement among the greener elves, the sniveling weasel needed to consolidate his rather tenuous hold on power.  And so, sadly, the princess had to go.

Conveniently, the Lady of Dragons specifically insisted on the gorgeous golden-haired princess in the negotiations…no other maiden was acceptable.  The King didn’t question his good fortune. He ordered the princess prepared in a dress appropriate for a sacrifice, and watched as two young dragons flew off with his step-sister.

The dragon minions brought the princess to a cave high in the mountains, laid her on a stone altar, and shackled her wrists over her head.  They brought flaming coals to place around her on the altar and give the cave a flickering glow. She began to struggle against the chains that held her, but a short burst of fiery breath from one young dragon warned her to be still.

“Now, Scorch, is that any way to treat our guest?” came a sultry voice from deeper in the cave. 

The princess turned to see who had spoken.  A tall and slender woman stepped from the shadows with slow graceful steps.  The golden-haired beauty trembled as the fabled Lady of Dragons approached. She had a reputation for cruel and heartless treatment of her enemies.  Being chained to an altar in her lair didn’t bode well for the princess’ future.

The elven princess gasped when the Lady of Dragons stepped fully into the light of the flames.  Her platinum hair and red eyes had long ago been etched in the princess’ memory. The horns were kind of a giveaway, too…“You!” she cried.

“Yes, ‘me,’ princess.  It’s been a long time…I’ve been waiting for a very long time to have you like this…helpless before me, and this time unable to say no…”

Unbeknownst to the King, (but certainly guessed by us), the Lady of Dragons had hungers of a different nature.  She craved the flesh of elven maidens, yes, but for more pleasurable pursuits. And to her, this princess was no ordinary maiden. 

They had been friends once, and the young demoness had been smitten with the golden-haired princess.  Alas, the ruling class of elves would never allow for such an unholy union, and the young maiden was forced–despite her own desires–to spurn all of the demoness’ advances.

“What…what are you going to do to me?” the princess whispered as the Lady of Dragons stood over her.

The platinum-haired demoness smiled as she moved around the altar.  She climbed up beside the princess and reclined beside her. The Lady of Dragons’ tail wound around and began exploring along the inside of the princess’ thigh, while she hooked one fingernail into the elven maiden’s dress and began to tear the wispy fabric. 

“You will call me Mistress from now on, princess.  And I will be doing all the things I wanted to do with you back in school.  We have a lot of lost time to make up.”

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